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  • La Marzocco Strada

    The cafe I work at just got one, and I did my first shift on it today.

    I had to share.

    Im just starting to scrape the surface of what is possible with pressure control but so far we are getting great results with a simple Lever machine style profile that has a long pre-infusion and then slowly decreases in pressure from a peak of 10bar.

    The most exiting thing so far is that it seems that intensity can be controlled in a way that we may be able to have one pressure profile that is specifically for cutting through milk, and another that brings out the best characteristics for black coffee.

    We are using VST 18gm baskets with a Robur E. I am finding so far that distribution and tamp are absolutely critical to avoiding deadly channeling.

    Ill put some pictures up soon.

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    whos a lucky boy?


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      Looks like the initial hurdles with Strada version 1.0 electronics are now over, and they are going in to a few more high profile accounts around town. Seems to be Seven Seed's machine of choice at the moment as well.