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Dual Boiler Commercial Machines - Who Makes Them?

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  • Dual Boiler Commercial Machines - Who Makes Them?

    Hey Guys,

    I know la marzocco, synesso, slayer etc make dual boiler commercial machines, but i'm not after anything designer.. just something that will get the job done.

    Does anyone know of any manufacturers that produce a dual boiler 2 group machine that come cheaper than the Linea, for example?

    Thanks guys

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    G'day Reed,

    Expobar (Americana) and Vibiemme are doing a multiboiler as well (Replica I think...)

    There are no doubt others which don't immediately come to mind


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      For multiboiler machines there's also Wega Greenline, BFC Lira, Dalla Corte Evolution - and these are just the ones that come to mind immediately, having worked on them all in the last fortnight or so - there are plenty of multi-boiler machines at lots of points in the price range.


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        We do BFC Lira multi boiler machines and have enough of them around in cafes as well as in our own roasterie/cafe. They perform very well with good reliability.