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Help requested for solving Alex Duetto II issue

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  • Help requested for solving Alex Duetto II issue

    I have an Alex Duetto II which is only a couple of years old. It's out of warranty now so I'm trying to solve the following issue (which has only recently started) myself if possible:

    When the main switch of the machine is OFF, the coffee boiler light flickers as well as the light in the main switch. Once the main switch is in the ON position however then all works normally. Looking at the electrical circuit diagram that came with the manual, and doing some initial measurements inside the machine with a multimeter, I suspect the relay switch that controls the main boiler is possibly leaking current while the main switch is off, however I'm not totally sure yet.

    I was keen to see if any other Alex Duetto owners (or other machine owners) had experienced a similar issue, before I spend too much time trying to solve the issue myself or take in for repairs. Normal machine operation is not affected at all, it's just when the main switch is off. I've taken to turning off at the powerpoint until I solve this.

    Would appreciate hearing any thoughts that might be out there.