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    Has anyone had experience with the Exobar G10? I am really interested in feedback on performance and quality. Likewise the age old question, for the money would you buy this machine versus another ($6600 new roughly).

    I am looking for a 3 group machine, if not this one which one would people recommend in the sub 10k Range.

    The only reason I'm considering this machine over a number of other machines is that a secondhand one has been offered to me at a very good price and that is always a consideration however I don't want to sacrifice quality for dollars saved.

    It will be used in a commercial setting with sporadic high turnover bursts.

    Cheers Bryan

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    I've worked on a few, and we had a secondhand 2 group we were using as a 'loan' machine for when a customer's machine broke down and couldn't be fixed on the spot. Nothing especially fancy or amazing about them, but by the same token there's nothing wrong with them, no weak points in the design and they are easy to service and not prone to failure. We don't have our loan machine anymore, since the last customer we loaned it to liked it enough to buy it instead of having his old machine fixed.
    If the price offered is good and the machine seems well looked after, it's probably good buying.


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      The G10 is a well configured, robust E61 HX machine that uses the Gicar Maestro board with PID control of boiler pressure. Expobar are very well supported in Oz and there are very few proprietary parts. If the price is right and you can verify that the machine is in good condition internally as well as externally, no reason not to go for it.