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Gaggia TN "nespresso" machine: run?

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  • Gaggia TN "nespresso" machine: run?

    Hi all,
    I found a Gaggia TN two-group for cheap. I've looked it up and found little about it other than it is built to accept K-cups for the Nespresso System. (I'm assuming pods)

    The picture seems to support that, it definitely looks like a pair of pressurized portafilters.

    My question is if this machine can be modified for conventional espresso making, can it pull a decent shot as such, and is it worth it to attempt this? Or should I just cut and run?

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    I guess I'm also wondering if this machine would be good to sell to someone who wants the over-the-top mancave commercial machine factor in their kitchen but doesn't have the time or patience to play with their grind and tamp. Not something I would do, but... I've run into a couple people so far who get really excited when I tell them about these machines but lose a lot of their enthusiasm when I explain to them how fine an art it is to pull a proper shot and how much supporting tools and equipment are needed to accomplish same. So perhaps I might be able to turn this machine around to someone like that if I can't modify it.


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      Be aware that Nespresso have a different pod configuration for commercial use.
      I dont know if they are easily available "retail" to the general public.


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        Perhaps good for parts to repair/rebuild a conventional Gaggia machine? Or could conventional groups be installed on this one?


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          No replies to inquiry but offer put in for a '97 NS Program V 2 group tomorrow. Gotta say, with Nuova Distribution having online parts books and price lists available for anyone to see, life is easy.