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NS MAC Digit Dispersion Screen removal

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  • NS MAC Digit Dispersion Screen removal

    Hi all,
    Getting into the refurb on my MAC Digit and stumped by the dispersion screen. Shower screen came off fine, but brass dispersion screen has three largish holes, and is held in the center by a dispersion nut with wrenching flats so close to the counterbore in the screen there's no chance of ever getting a tool in there to wrench it... what gives? I have tried using a dowel-type spanner on the three holes with no joy... wondering if a good soak of the whole group in JoeGlo will loosen it, but there has to be a better way to do this.
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    I figured it out!
    Well, partially. The dispersion nut isn't held in there by anything other than coffee residue. Taking apart the Program V I just bought, the nut fell out with the shower screen. Sure enough, I just tapped this one with my screwdriver and out it came!
    Does anyone make a dowel spanner that will fit the dispersion plate? Or do I have to fabricate my own? I can't find any service tools on the NS price list.