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steam wand o-ring Grimac

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  • steam wand o-ring Grimac

    We've all heard of channelling through a coffee puck...well this is similar, but through the milk.

    The o-ring between the steam wand tip and steam arm is squashed and distorted. So there is no perfect seal there and a thin but strong stream of steam squirts out causing bubbles on the surface of milk during steaming.

    Any substitute suitable material which is food grade and can take the heat?

    The machine is a Grimac but I imagine they are pretty generic, about 10 mm diameter.

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    Use a FDA-approved EPDM o-ring. Any specialty hydraulics shop should be able to order one for you if you have the dimensions. Cheers


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      Thanks Dave. will check it out


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        I was about to go the Purple Pig. No kidding....they are specialists in hydraulic hoses and fittings....when I thought I'd first try the Robusto garage/shed/workshop.

        There, is a tray full of every conceivable o-rings. Except the size I want, usually.

        Then I rummaged through my household plumbing tray which has washers, o-rings etc.

        A small red fibre washer looked promising. With a sharp blade I widened the inside diameter until it was a snug fit on the wand. The same blade whittled down the outside diameter to give a fit flush with the arm and tip.

        Food grade? Well, I reckon if fibre is good enough for all the hot and cold taps in most homes, it should be safe enough for contact with milk.

        Whether it can handle the higher temperature than the hot water system it is meant for, remain to be seen.

        Fingers crossed.


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          I have this same problem with my machine. Thanks for this post I'll replace the O ring straight away