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Repair Questions for a Faema E87-2

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  • Repair Questions for a Faema E87-2

    Esteemed Gurus,

    We recently bought an E87-2 at an auction that was from a café that closed down - we were told that the machine worked well but after we got it home I was disheartened to find that the boiler unit is ruptured.

    Faema Blowout 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Faema Blowout 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Is this something that can be repaired? The machine looked rough but the auctioneer usually doesn't mislead. Do I bother trying to clean the tank and getting it welded or does this type of blowout indicate there's more damage than just a leaking tank? I would have thought that the pressure valve on top should prevent this but I've never worked on a machine before. I think I would also have to remove the heating element but am afraid of not finding a gasket should this one go. Other than the "blow-out", the tank held water - hopefully a good sign!

    In addition, is there a good resource for finding manuals and parts for old machines like this? For parts, I've just heard of Nuovaricambi (?) from the Faema Canada dealer but need to still google them.

    Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, All!

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    Dont waste any time. Contact the auctioneers and get your money back. That kind of leak means the machine actually hasnt been "working well" for some time and is in industry terms, finished.

    Bidders were misled at auction.


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      agreed, in commercially realistic terms it's beyond repair. Almost anything is doable but to effectively repair that damage would require removal of the boiler, acid and abrasive cleaning then ministrations of a TIG welding specialist, and after all that it will likely leak from somewhere else.

      That is the heat exchanger that has ruptured, it is a tube that runs through the main boiler volume and is subject to much higher pressures (up to 12-15 bar) than the boiler itself.

      Forget it and try to recoup some costs selling it on for parts if you have no joy with a refund.


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        Thanks, both of you... It will be a tremendous repair job if we proceed and we may look at ordering a boiler and element if we can get them at a reasonable (and if they still make them). The rest of the machine doesn't look as bad but it's hard to tell. I'd hate to see it in the dump without a bit more investigation - we've repaired other restaurant equipment and found them good homes and am up to the challenge if parts are reasonable (Nuova Ricambi is the one dealer we've found). It may turn out to be a good learning experience yet!

        Or... If we do decide to sell for parts - is there a forum for used machine parts that anyone is aware of?


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          Hi Glenn,
          Whereabouts in Canada are you located? If you are close to the Toronto area, I may be interested in your machine, but will not be able to offer much. I can probably source a used boiler for you, but it would depend on your budget. I have a contact in the Toronto area with a quantity of these machines on hand. Send me a private message if you are interested in doing business. Good luck


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            @ skydragondave

            We're on Vancouver Island (Campbell River), no where near Central Canada, so shipping to you for parts would not be viable - more to ship that the machine would be worth I suspect!

            I've looked at Nuova Ricambi's site and they have parts for a Faema E61 - a lot of the parts in their catalogs look really similar to what I see on my E87 but I doubt I would want to buy a new boiler if it fits! What would be your price on a used boiler and element if you have access to that too?


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              Hi Glenn,
              Call ECM Parts in Burnaby. Speak to Brian, there's an offchance he may have a used boiler there. Good Luck