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Strega or Londinium?

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  • Strega or Londinium?

    Hi Folks,

    I am thinking to take the plunge and buy a "serious" machine for home and at this point I am considering Bezzera Strega or Londinium.

    I know that this subject has been already discussed in some previous posts, but I would like to ask about some details. I mostly drink ristrettos and I want to achieve the creamy viscous goodness pulled on restored Rancilio z9 lever at my favorite coffee shop and don't really care about the steam, etc.

    I understand the differences in their design, the pump filled group in Strega that lets you play with the pressure profiling, etc. I also understand the differences in their dimensions and the fact that Londinium can get up to the working temperature much quicker (but I suppose one can compensate for this by using a timer switch).

    Are there any other compelling arguments towards choosing Londinium over Strega? Did anyone do side-by-side tests? Can Londinium take triple-basket? What about the long-term outlook: the comparative build quality, availability of the parts/warranty service.


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    I have a Strega vibe pump model and love it
    You may have seen my videos on YouTube
    Bezzera actually have another model that works as a plumed in machine and works the same as an L1

    A correction on heat times - the Strega is up to temp and ready to make coffee within 15 min, thats because the head is heated via electric probes or elements

    I haven't had the pleasure of a side by side comparison to judge, all I can say is that the coffee is flowing beautifully at my place
    By the look of the L1 it looks to be well made but so is the Strega

    Now to something more serious
    Buying from overseas or a local importer ?
    Only you can answer that question - Do you want to walk into a shop and take your purchase home with you,
    have back up if something goes wrong, have hands on training training if required ?
    Or become a personal importer,

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      Thanks a lot for you thoughts KK. The price difference on importing vs local is significant, so I better sleep on this before making a final decision.

      P.S. I just watched your videos on youtube, they are very compelling


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        Welcome demq,

        Perhaps you may want to have a look over the Quickmill Achille as well. It is far better finished than the Londinium and adds a rotary pump over it and the Strega as well. We've been been playing with one on our bench for 4 months now and the shot quality is now on par with our Izzo Pompeii. It will be more exxy than both of the others due to the specification, but I feel that once the Australian importer brings it to market, we'll be able to give the Londinium one hell of a run for its money.

        If you're in Melbourne, you are most welcome to come and see for yourself.



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          Thanks Chris, Achille indeed sounds like a great machine, but seems to be on the more expensive side. Anyways, I went ahead with the Witch, can't wait to see how wicked is it going to be


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            Congratulations on the Strega purchase
            You may choose to pimp it up with some custom resin handles or a naked PF if that takes your fancy


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              Thanks, the custom handles look so seductive )


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                Congratulations on choosing a model from a manufacturer with a very long history and tried and proven track record for making excellent and reliable coffee machines, and having a long standing Australian sales, service and support network to benefit its many clients.


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                  If I had have seen this post earlier I would have suggested the "witch" (or wait for the AU spec Quickmill) too.
                  Congrats on picking the right machine!


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                    Agreed Andy,

                    From what I have heard, demq did choose the right machine of the two short-listed.

                    When the list expands to 3 in the next few weeks with the launch of the AU Quickmill, we'll ensure that the pencil is sharpened sufficiently to present a compelling argument to buy a superior machine locally. I have enough information now to know that it's a superior machine to the Londinium.
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                      demq, I would be interested in your thoughts about the Strega, I was also considering the same two machines

                      I should add, I know KK's thoughts, photos and videos well so not dismissing his thoughts in any way shape or form, he loves the Strega and so does anyone else that visits him.
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                        Congrats on your choice demq.
                        Methinks you will be happier than with the other on your list! ;-)


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                          Thanks for the kind encouragements all I am still patiently waiting for my order's delivery (I guess lots of ppl ordered stuff over the Easter ). Once it is up and running I will take some pics/videos and will share with my impressions. Cheers!


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                            La Strega è in casa!

                            The Witch has finally arrived yesterday!

                            I had a bit of a hiccup at the beginning. It turned out somehow the ground for the tank safety sensor had been connected to a wrong spot, so the machine would not work (draw water from the tank). After spending a couple of hours staring at the wiring diagram, opened it up and saw a screw laying inside on the bottom of the machine (in the end turned out to be the screw that fixes the tank to the frame from the bottom). In the end took it to my local repair shop where the super friendly and helpful mechanics traced the problem to the incorrect connection and fixed it for me at no cost!

                            I've only made a coupe of espressos and one cappuccino this far. The crema looks great, but to me espresso tastes a bit overextracted and a bit too hot. The steam is very strong and makes good microfoam. I think I still need time to get used to the machine and get a proper tamper + tipple basket + naked PF (none seems to carry naked PF for Strega in Oz).

                            Here are some photos, will post more once I get to know the which closer.
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                              Strega or Londinium?

                              There are few places that carry nakeds for Bezzera groups. Call one of the Bezzera suppliers in AU - JetBlack or Di Bartoli in NSW, Bezzera themselves in Brisbane.