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First machine! Bezzera BZ40e MG

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  • First machine! Bezzera BZ40e MG

    So I thought it's about time to stop lurking and start posting.

    I've been working as a barista for the last four years and a coffee roaster for the last year and a half. But sadly decided to let the gig go due to less than fantastic management. Needing my technical coffee industry fix and inspired from all ya'll re-builds I decided to find myself a project machine. After a few disappointments (Guy backflipped on the sale of a beautiful Elektra A3 in shocking condition and another guy dropped a cimbali M21 while trying to load it in his car...) I came across an eight year old Bezzera BZ40e on gumtree with companion Mazzer mini (already had one so now I have two floating around!) for a steal.

    Went to pick it up and was surprised by by how good the condition was. The guy had barley used it during the five years he had it hooked up and it had been in storage for the last three. looked to be in great shape and the owner bought in new and only used it domestically. The only problem seemed to be was a missing portafilter (guy called it the thingy and motioned with his hands) and one of the steam knobs was broken.

    Took it home, pulled the case of and the insides looked great. Little bit of patina around the elements and some build up under the tank. but apart from that pretty clean. Planning was then begun. Went out first thing and bought myself a matching naked handle.
    Here's a few photo's to get started




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    Pulled it apart and soaked the boiler and pipes in citric acid overnight. There was very little scale so it didn't take long. Put together a shopping list of parts that need replacing.
    The only thing that took a bit of work was the grouphead the shower screen screw was stripped so i had to bend up the corner of the shower screen and twist the whole lot off with a pair or pliers. It looked like there was at least a years worth of baked on coffee grounds, took a fair bit of work to get it all off. I also had to chip the seal out with a screw driver it was so perished and rock hard.

    Put the whole lot back together and now it's ready and waiting till the parts arrive. I also need to organise a filter system.

    more pics

    I'm also planning on replacing the stock swivel steam arm and water tap with stainless version with a ball joint.