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Descale a LaMarzocco GS/3

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  • Descale a LaMarzocco GS/3

    Has anyone out there ever descaled their GS3? I know La Marzocco doesn't recommend it.

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    Descale a LaMarzocco GS/3

    This is the case for a good reason.
    The issue is with simply letting a descale solution run thru the machine. Dissolved small scale residue may wander thru the pipes finally reaching narrow parts and clogg them. Very prominent for such an occurence are the gicleurs, the orifice in selenoids and flowmeters.
    When that happens you are exactly at the point of dismantling the machine, putting out the tubes, cleaning them in hot citric or other anorganic solution.

    Actually that is how it is done right. The descaling in a non commercial environment should not occur that often, given your water quality is right and likely regulated thru a filter.


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      Thanks for the reply. I purchased my GS3 second hand. I think it is about 5 years old.

      I had problems with blockages of solenoids, flowmeter and particularly the non-return valve for steam boiler filling from the moment I started using it. I removed all of the lines and cleaned in citric, stripped the solenoids and cleaned also. . Also had a look in the boilers and there was a lot of scale. Obviously this was coming loose and blocking the components. I t

      In the end I have descaled both coffee and steam boilers. Machine is now performing as it should and very happy with her.


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        Hi Simon,
        How long did the descaling take and what parts did you have to replace?


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          I haven't yet replaced any parts. I was able to re-use all components. However, I am going to install the updated vacuum breaker mod from the later models (with the drain line routed to drip tray). I am also going to replace (due to age of the machine) the filling and brew solenoid internals as well as the tubing for the cool touch steam and water wands. That said, none of those parts are unserviceable at the moment.

          To descale, I just used descalant mixed in the water tank (machine is normally plumbed) and filled the boilers from empty. I let the boiler heat up and sit for about 45 mins then drained and refilled both boilers 3-4 times. I removed all of the copper lines and check valves and soaked in acid.

          I have since repeated the exercise and opened up to boilers for a look. Both very clean and pretty much scale free and no blockage problems since.