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Izzo Alex Duetto III steam pressure problem

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  • Izzo Alex Duetto III steam pressure problem


    I have a problem with my Alex Duetto III. When I go to steam milk the pressure drops to around .5 bar. The steam pressure is set at 1.25 bar. The problem did not occur when I first bought the machine. Also sometimes when I brew coffee it lowers the temp of the steam boiler. Please help.

    Thank you.

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    I'd say that's normal...

    1.25bar is the pressure when the steam is closed. If steam is leaving the boiler, it has to drop.

    When you're brewing coffee, it's drawing water from the tank via a HX in the steam boiler. The temperature should drop, but not much if you're only drawing out 30~60mls of water over 30 seconds... Either way, recovery of the boilers would be quite quick anyway.


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      I am having another issue with my Duetto. A couple of times I have had to drain a little water out of the tube that draws water from the reservoir. When I activate the pump again it makes a thumping noise like the pump is getting air. Shouldn't there be a valve that stops the machine drawing air from the tube in this way? For instance, when you have to transport the machine, naturally you would have to empty the reservoir, which means that some water from the tube would drain out into the reservoir leaving air in the tube.


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        Hello FineGrind,

        I'd recommend (as previously) that if you have issues with your machine, the best thing to do is to have it checked.

        Should any of your concerns be warranty related, they will be rectified under warranty. If there are there are other issues (end user related) that you may be experiencing, you can receive appropriate assistance at the same time to overcome these issues.

        Putting these concerns out to a group of people most of whom are not service agents and have no hands-on technical experience with the machine is really pretty much pointless.

        As an example, we had a client complain about the performance of her Minore I which was left with us for service- steam pressure issues on multiple coffees. In the opinion of the owner, the work we performed performed was sub-standard. The owner forgot to mention that they way she operated was to take water from the boiler for all of the long black drinkers, then pull the shots and then attempt to texture all the milk in a 1L jug.

        Where was the problem?


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