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La Pavoni Bar V2 Restoration Thread

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  • La Pavoni Bar V2 Restoration Thread

    I just bought a filthy ex-workhorse Pavoni Bar V2 from a local bagel shop. I was told by the shop owner that they replaced it for capacity reasons, it supposedly worked great and just needed a bath. I was skeptical of his story, but didn't care at the price.

    I got it home, spent a few hours giving it a superficial cleaning, vacuumed all the mouse crap out of it, and hooked it up.

    Right away, things were wrong. It had been stored full, and the drain valve didn't work. The manometer needles rested quite a ways above zero. The machine didn't fill at first because the fill solenoid threads were split, the plunger was cockeyed and didn't raise.

    I gave the fill solenoid a temporary fix, plugged it back in, and fired it up. There was a very slow leak from the solenoid, but it filled this time, and came up to pressure. I pulled a few fake shots to make sure the pump and groups approximately worked, and they did. Then, I realized the heating elements weren't shutting off in time, and the boiler was over-filling.

    So, it's time to strip it down to the washers and build it back up. I'll post pictures as I go, I'd be glad to hear any input.

    The resting places of the manometer needles, hmmmm.

    Looks like it was run WAY over pressure, and was shoddily patched. I only wish I could have been there when the meter literally exploded, cracked, and shot steam everywhere in a cartoon fashion.

    Surprisingly little scale buildup.

    Are the HX tubes supposed to be shaped like this?


    The lines going to the bottom of the sight glass were clogged with white goop, probably why it didn't drain.

    Luckily, I have plenty of time.

    BONUS: I should probably keep this contraption hidden from the landlord.

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the group heads?

    I did the rest of the plumbing with citric acid, but that has a tendency to re-plate the nickle with copper or brass.

    Here is one head after a quick initial cleaning.


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      Looking forward to any progress made as I have also aquired a La Pavoni Bar T2V in similar condition


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        Great work! How did you get those copper pipes to look so fresh?



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          Hey Artman,
          Calcinet dissolved in water works awesome on copper pipes. Citric acid and cleaning vinegar work a treat as well depending what the makeup of the mineralization is, if one solution isn't working you move it over to the next tank and try that a few hours.
          Love the progress. First I soak the whole grouphead in strong backflush solution (hot) for a few hours to get the coffee residue off. Then you can plug openings with plastic plugs stand it on end and fill the cavities with strong acid solution, that usually takes care of it.


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            Thanks for the info.