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NOOB advice needed. Which commercial machine to buy for small cafe?

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  • NOOB advice needed. Which commercial machine to buy for small cafe?

    We are looking at introducing coffee into our shop.
    We are projecting about 10 - 15kg a week in volume.

    In the attempt of not getting fooled, I'm hoping for some advice as per what machine to buy.
    I've done some reading but I don't really know much about machines and the differentiations
    So far I've looked at the below brands, we are looking at a budget of $7000 maximum and we are low on space; with allocated bench space of 9500 x 6400 (including grinder)

    - Wega polaris
    - BFC lira

    We have also looked into brands like simmoneli, san marino, expobar etc. and we are VERY open to suggestions.

    Last but not least, is it worth while buying a new machine? Or if we can find a second hand machine with local tech support?

    Any opinion or recommendation is appreciated!

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    Where are you located?

    I'd recommend speaking to your local coffee roaster as a staring point

    Because whatever machine you get it's going to need to be serviced occasionally, and its best to have someone local who knows what they're doing to do that

    And if you end up sourcing your coffee beans locally there's a pretty got chance that they'll be fresh and ready to use

    Feel free to personal message me if you want some coffee machine recommendations otherwise try asking some of the sponsors of this forum for some good recommendations


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      with allocated bench space of 9500 x 6400

      On a 10 meter x 6 meter bench you should be able to install an 18 group machine with 20 robur grinders behind it but I doubt the cost will fit your budget.

      I think that maybe your bench is a little smaller than that?

      The quickest and easiest way to get a few prices and ideas will be to use the "Quote Form" (top of the forum, under the logo) as this will be sent to all our site sponsors at once and those that can help, will. Let them know your budget and location and someone will get back to you.

      15kg a week, I would suggest 2 group machine. Lots of people buy a 3 group and then only use 2 of the groups which leaves a higher power bill, higher setup cost and less bench space. I've seen a few cafes that manage 30-40kg on a 2 group machine with good work flow.

      Spend as much as you can on a grinder, I've been to a few places lately that really struggle with the grinder speed / quality and while it's really easy for someone on a forum to say you "need" a big conical real world says that a $3,500 grinder 'aint going to happen straight away.

      There are some great second hand machines around if your timing is good but as already suggested by Pat, develop a relationship with a roaster or a machine service specialist to ensure that whatever you buy is looked after and more importantly can be fixed quickly if you get a problem.

      Let us know which way you are heading before you part with the dollars and I'm sure that CS'rs will be able to let you their experience with the setup you choose.


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        Thanks for replies!
        Sorry i mean 950 x 640

        I will send in a quote form.
        I've spoken to a few local roasters and it seems they all charge 'extra' ~$5 per KG when they loan a machine,
        hence we're looking at purchasing one out right.

        In a scenario where I can find machines that are equally serviced in terms of ease and convenience..
        are there specific things like brands I should look for as well?


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          Letting us know where you are located will help in getting the best information to you,
          especially in regards to putting you in contact with the right people. :-)


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            Sydney south


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              Where are you positioning yourself in the coffee market? does sydney lack for skilled baristas?


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                We are already an existing shop, just looking to add coffee.

                We've looked at a few.

                Anyone have reviews/opinions on the
                - Wega pegaso (New at $3800)

                or we found a Wega polaris second hand 12m old for about the same price..

                not sure which route to go