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Faema E98 Compact A1 - Hose

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  • Faema E98 Compact A1 - Hose

    Hi All,

    This is my first post (as you can probably tell!).

    I have a Faema E98 Compact A1 and it started leaking, so i took it apart and found that the leak was coming from a hose that comes out of the pump.

    Its a braided hose and it appears to be about 3/8 (assuming imperial).

    I was wondering, firstly if I have posted in the right section, and secondly if anyone is familiar with this machine and what thread this pipe is and where to purchase a new one?

    I have tried to search for a manual but haven't had much luck.

    Thanks, I appreciate the help


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    Hi and welcome

    From memory there is a flexible hose from the pump head to the safety pressure bypass, this should be a standard thread etc. Have a look on, there are exploded diagrams, also look under cimbali.

    PM me your email, I have some info I will forward.



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      I have a pdf of the manual for this machine. If you are interested, PM me your email address and I'll send it on to you.


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        Thanks for the response, I had a look under cimbali and looks like I might have found an option, I will wait to get the manual off rapideye2 to ensure its the correct one.

        Thanks for the help!