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  • Kees Van Der Westen - Mirage

    well... after a bit of fluffing around finally managed to get my new (ex-demo) Mirage on my bench on Friday, and then put it through it's paces on the weekend - have to say I'm pretty impressed with the quality of coffee that it produces, and the pulling power / steam pressure available on demand from a hard wired 32amp power supply!

    It's still early days yet and the learning curve was a bit steep on a busy Saturday's day of trade (but that may be because of the hangover from friday night's late install!), but by Sunday both machine and myself were humming nicely, even managed to put out a bit of Costa Rica Farami Geisha through it to keep bot myself and the punters happy!
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    Wow, looks beautiful. Good luck with it.


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      its a joy to use, thats for sure, and its great to crank it up during the rush - and i especially like the foot pedal operated steam wand, for applied pressure on demand, and to free up your hands to gesticulate at the waiters to take the coffee out!