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  • Wega LB4103?

    Hey all,

    I just started work somewhere that has a Lavazza Blue machine - which is described on their website as the Wega LB4103:

    It uses 58mm group handles, but I can't tell exactly what group head it's running - E61 or other generic or proprietary one...
    But this is the "shower screen" / thing to punch holes in the pot where the shower screen should be:

    Basically - I want to get rid of the angry spike thing on one of the group heads (the office only really uses one of them anyway) and replace it with a normal shower screen so I can bring my grinder in and have coffee that doesn't taste like watery dirt.
    I unscrewed the angry spike thing to see what was under there and if it had a normal dispersion block that could accept a normal shower screen, but couldn't quite work it out.

    Has anyone seen these before, or successfully changed one back to normal, or know what I'd need, or be able to give me any tips on how to do it?
    (BTW - Yes I know BluePod company would probably get annoyed at me - but I'll just change it back if they need to come in at any point)


    (PS. This post was also in "General Coffee Related" under "Lavazza Blue" - but the title doesn't really reflect the question and is probably therefore being passed over by valuable intelligent people...)

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    I've repaired one of those a while back, and from memory the group head diameter may preclude ever fitting a 'regular' group handle - I seem to recall it was a smaller diameter, although some Wega machines use a smaller diameter group head, so it may not be impossible. But I don't recall it looking like you could retrofit it to use a regular screen.


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      Hmmm ok that could put a spanner in my works...
      I dont really understand though why Wega would develop and produce a whole new group for capsules rather than modifying an normal group?
      First step I guess would be to get the handle from my e61 and see if it fits, or at least if the basket fits in one of their handles.

      I also remember a while ago reading a topic where someone bought an old commercial machine where the group had been modified to accept capsules, and he modified back to normal to handle ground coffee. Does anyone remember that topic? I couldn't find it in the search.


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        There are actually pod conversions that consist of an adapter that locks into a regular group just like a regular group handle (and against a regular group seal), with a smaller diameter 'pod' handle that locks into the bottom of the adapter. The last one of those I saw was fitted to an Astoria Sibilla. And there are pod handles that fit regular groups - Michels Patisseries use a pod handle for decaf rather than having a separate decaf grinder.

        Unfortunately converting the other way is likely to be a bit more difficult.


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          Ok, so I got the angry spike thing off, (it just screwed off), which left this:

          Obviously as it's off the machine too, I managed to get it off to. It also screwed into the group, but a fair bit tighter. It looks to be on the thin size of dispersion blocks, so I'm thinking the normal dispersion block would also be on the thinner side (eg more like the E61 rather than this: Coffee Parts | WEGA coffee machine | group head shower screen holder)

          Anyway that's off now and so the underside of the group head looks like this: (yes I know it needs a good clean...)

          Does anyone know what group head that is - or more importantly, what dispersion block/disk and what shower head it would use? The smaller inner diameter makes me think it is possibly a thinner and smaller disk, similar to the E61 disk... also because the block that's there sits lower than the group seal rather than flush. However although my E61 handle fits in there, it doesn't look like an E61 group, and the so must be something else?

          Anyone able to help?


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            Looks like that bit you unscrewed seats against what may be a regular group seal - if you can fit an E61 handle in the head then it's starting to sound more promising to do a conversion. If I was tinkering with it my next step would be trying to carefully remove that seal (intact if possible so that if it is something unusual you can't source you can slip it back in and pretend you hadn't fiddled with it!) then seeing if you can fit a regular Wega group seal and 'cup' shower to the head so that you don't have to try to fit a dispersion block.


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              Just wondering if you managed to find the solution to your Wega LB4104? I have the same machine and in the same boat, sent it to a Wega technician, he charged $50 and no idea on how to repair it. After getting it home I decided to pull it apart myself and also found this page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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                I just bought the same machine for modification purposes. I just got off the phone with Ryan from Espresso Parts in Washington State and he said the last image shows a piece that still needs to be removed before a new shower head and portafilters can be put on. I am having the hardest time getting the plate that the spikes rested on off and haven't even had a chance to try to get the next piece off. How did you get the shower plate off of this machine Bames?