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  • How good is this machine?

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for taking time to read my post. I was wanting to know what you coffee snobs thought about this machine? Although I love coffee I have no idea about the equipment and I am thinking about buying a cafe/bar with this machine. I want to know if I'll have to upgrade to make remarkable coffee (I will be hiring an experienced barista) or will this machine do the trick. It's a CMA. Also, does anyone know what it would be worth (ball park figure)?


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    Welcom Everitt,

    With the greatest respect, if you know nothing about the production of coffee, how are you going to evaluate the performance of your barista (and run the rest of the coffee side of your business)? Might it not be worth getting at least a little hands on experience first?

    PS the machine looks a bit like an old Astoria model...but I'm probably wrong...probably just the decal on the buttons that is leading me that way.
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      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for your advice. I am actually opening a beer bar, something I know a great deal about. I am quite an experienced coffee drinker and I don't think it takes a barista to know how good a coffee tastes. We will eventually be trying to prop up our income with coffee but I'm not the kind of person that wants a mediocre product sold in my premises.



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        No worries Everitt. I hope it works out well. Even with your current plan, you could still do worse than to get a little bit of professional training (from a reputable source)....your barista is unlikely to be there 100% of the time....and you'll be in a better position to know whether you've got the right person for your situation. I have no vested interest...and like you have run bars before.


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          Just make some coffee with it and you will soon find out about the end result. Best beans you can find, best grinder you can afford and you'll be good to go.


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            should be ok to get started with at the very least I would get the machine serviced and evaluated by a technician who can probably give you some precise pointers about where the machine is at - you could probably also do some searches on fleabay for a rough estimate as to what the machines worth - if you;re thinking of upgrading, that is...


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              CMA / Astoria, good reliable workhorse of a machine. With a thorough service it will go for ever, and turn out fantastic coffee with a bit of care and attention to the correct operation of a heat exchanger machine - ie. knowing if and when a cooling flush is required. As the machine is volumetric, one of the buttons can be programmed for this purpose. I see a naked group handle there so looks like there is a resident coffee geek.

              By a thorough service, I would be recommending:

              -Replace pressurestat
              -Replace anti-vac valve
              -Clean fill probe and check for scale/sediment buildup
              -Rebuild all taps with new seals
              -Check temperature and flow rates and adjust with different restrictors where necessary
              -Check all solenoid valves and replace plungers / coils where necessary
              -Check flowmeters and replace impellers
              -Check touchpads and switches
              -Change filter if due or unsure

              All this might cost between $500 and $1K depending on what needs doing, but for that you'll have a pretty bulletproof machine.