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Rocket Giotto Evoluzione - "Connector" drips

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  • Rocket Giotto Evoluzione - "Connector" drips


    As the title suggests, I have a dripping component on my machine, but I have no idea if that's an issue / indicates an issue / is meant to do that.
    The item in question in the little circular bit right in the middle of this picture:
    imgur: the simple image sharer

    And according to these diagrams, it's called a "Connector", item 17.

    It's not all the time, but I've noticed it sometimes dripping, maybe at a rate of... 1 drop every 5 seconds?

    Might this suggest something is leaking?


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    Hi M,
    That is the discharge from the three-way valve. I suggest that you may have a bad seal, or the lever is not properly adjusted and is holding the seal off its seat. Good luck


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      Nope- it's actually hooked to the expansion valve.

      It's normal to see some drips on heat up- but not during shot as it should be set to about 12 bar.

      The pump bypass will be set to more like 9 bar (at group). If you're seeing leaks during shot, the expansion valve needs to be set higher (or the bypass lower).



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        I think we have our parts crossed -- didn't realise there were mutliple parts referred to as a 'connector'.

        I'm talking about item 17, in diagram A.

        Thanks for the help guys -- appreciated.


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          Chris's (>Talk_Coffee) comments above are spot on. I'm not sure why they call that part a "Connector", but Chris is on the money. It is common and normal to see a bit of dripping from that part as the machine heats up and maybe occasionally at other times too. If you're seeing constant dripping and / or large amounts of water coming from there, that would be something to get checked out. As Chris says, that's where the water from the expansion valve comes from (if you're exceeding the default 12 bar pressure levels for that valve). I guess during warm up the machine isn't producing enough pressure to properly seat the expansion valve and therefore allows a small amount of water to leak out through that fitting back to the drip tray.


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            Thanks a bunch everyone -- really appreciated!