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Screw in bolt where it shouldnt be in rancillio project.

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  • Screw in bolt where it shouldnt be in rancillio project.

    I recently picked up a new classe 8 project machine and as i have been going through the parts and sorting things out i noticed that the bolt on the group head appears to have been drilled out or something to that affect. Looks like a small machine screw and some sealant was added, the brass itself also looks quite mangled and stripped.

    can anyone suggest as to why this would have been done, im still looking for parts diagrams to tell me whats behind that brass bolt, i cant find the exploded diagram for this group yet. I will most likely add that bolt to my list of parts to order because i really dont like looking at it.
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    I believe that all you'll find behind the brass bolt is the channel the water flows through to get to the puck. Looks like the instrumentation port.

    It's probably an M6 thread (ISTR all Rancilios have M6 ports).


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      I suspect somebody may have drilled into the plug with the idea of using a punch on the edge of the drilled hole to try to loosen the plug. Last time I removed one of those it was VERY hard to get undone, as the threads fill up with scale and glue it in place. Plus the hex head of the plug is a cast finish, so a spanner or socket doesn't grip it well, and they generally have a slight taper on them making spanners prone to pushing themselves off once put under load. From memory the plug is hollow right up into the hex section, so whoever drilled it may have gone though into water while thinking they were drilling into a solid section, hence the screw and sealant fix.

      That plug should just have a water passage behind it, the other one has the jet. Sometimes odd plugs and bolts and things like that have a function, like giving access to another component inside, but quite often they are often just plugging a hole that had to be made in order to drill or machine a water passage through a head or other component.


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        i found the jet part although im stll un sure as to how you thread it out. its quite far in. and my sockets all seam to large.