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Boema Classic 2gr questions.

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  • Boema Classic 2gr questions.

    So I've picked up an old commercial machine to play around on/in and just wanted to run a few questions by y'all.

    The machine is a Boema Classic 2-group in decent nick that's been sitting for 12 months. I've backflushed it without chemicals

    - Is it possible/advidable to run this machine from a tank? When I was testing/backflushing it I was getting 9bar brew pressure indicated against a blind filter, just running a hose into a bucket of water for the supply.

    - I'm assuming I'll want to use filtered water for the benefit of the machine if nothing else (or is that more important if you're leaving the machine on for regular, extended periods)? What's the cheapest filter I can lay my hands on that will be effective as far as protecting the machine goes? (Water tastes pretty delicious in TAS)

    - I imagine I'll want to descale/chem-backflush? If you're running your machine plumbed in, how do you descale?

    - Anyone got a manual? Some of the buttons on the right touchpad don't work but I've got a feeling they're disabled using jumpers on the back of the touchpads...

    Thaaaaaat's about it, cheers in advance.

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    Hi, just bought the same machine and was wondering the same thing re water pressure. I contacted Boema today and they sent me a manual. Happy to send it on to you, but I cant seem to see an attached option here.




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      Cheers Danny,

      They haven't responded to my email yet; I might just call them tomorrow.

      In the meantime, if you'd be able to email a copy to snaiperskaya/AT/hotmail/DOT/com I'd really appreciate it.

      As far as I've been able to gather, the machine will run fine off a tank, but you won't get the E61-native preinfusion.


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        I have been looking at a Boema 2 group as well (Deluxe D-2S15A), do you guys have any concerns with yours or any advice for what I should look for when I go to check it over? Thanks.


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          So this is a bit late, but the guys at Boema are awesome.

          The previous owner, not so much.

          I've started wondering how many businesses have upgraded their machines and found their product improves, when all that was required was a little TLC to drag it back out of the gutter.


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            Hi dragun I have a manual if you are still seeking one it explains about back flushing as well. I just got myself a single group boema and ordered a complete seal kit which set me back about fifty so might be worth doing that judging by the state of that group head. Let me know if you need the manual.


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              Hi Noddy, cheers for the offer but that last post was during a rebuild; the guys at Boema sorted me out with the parts and manual.

              Thank you, though.


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                No worries how did the rebuild turn out? I can't wait to try mine out. Can I ask is yours plumbed? I was thinking of having my Intake hose in a container as a tap is a bit far away from the machine. I read some where that it may be able draw from a container as it has a pump.


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                  Haha, yeah, you can draw it from a bucket; I believe it uses line-pressure preinfusion though (not like an E61), so you'll lose preinfusion.

                  The rebuild turned out great, though I haven't had much of a play with it yet; it was a project while I was interstate on work so only got to tinker a little bit.


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                    Mmm I think I may have to read up a little more on that line pressure preinfusion. Thanks for confirming.


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                      Hi all sorry to hijack this thread but I am rebuilding a single group boema at present. I am having alot of trouble getting three of the bolts off the element plate off the boiler. They are rusted through and stuck. I tried rp7 soaked over several days as well as heating the bolts with gas torch hoping for the expansion/contraction effect to no avail. It won't give, anyone had this experience and how did they handle it?


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                        This is a bit of a general question, and might get you more responses in it's own thread (because the title of this one won't get it many readers).

                        The blowtorch would've been my first answer; my Dad's had luck with Loktite Freeze spray lately, but I've got no idea whether or not that's suitable for large bolts like on a boiler.


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                          Thanks Dragun might start a thread on it. And thanks for your input. I think it needs to soak in something to really get at the rust but I don't want to affect the boiler which I am guessing is chromed on the outside?


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                            Nah, not chromed AFAIK; just stainless?