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help or advice for Cimbali M29 select DT/2

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  • help or advice for Cimbali M29 select DT/2

    Hiya all,
    i recently purchased a Cimbali M29 ($200) ,mainly for parts , it camp with spring loaded tamper ,portas etc, fired it up , çame to temp/pressure, BUT left hand single select cycles for a while, centre HW button stops dispensing HW when at temp/pressure. managed to get an acceptable coffee out of it .Anyways popped the lid, cleaned it up. Any clues on described probs? any available manual?. Could it be the obvious> Faulty selection ribbon?
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    Wow, looks almost like new inside. Not sure I understand your questions/issues?

    Have a look here for manuals: Documentation - Extreme Machines
    Many of the Faema/Cimbali machines are similar if there isnt a manual for your specific machine.



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      Agree, looks to be in great nick...

      Nice find "caps1"...

      I don't know whether will be of any help, but there may enough similarity between some models to at least point you in the right direction. The La Cimbali models are located down near the bottom of the list...

      Just copy the link below and paste into your browser's address bar, and go...
      For some reason, doesn't work properly as a direct url link??