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    Hey all, i am wondering if a 'pod' style commercial machine is capable of producing a reasonable retail coffee? A 3 group La Piccola (Italian) sells for about 4k. I have tasted a few coffees from one but i can notice the difference between instant and brewed that's about it. I cannot find any reviews and very little info on them. Appreciate all input.

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    I'm no authority on pod coffee (or espresso, for that matter), but I'd suspect not; no matter how great the machine is, you're still going to be working with preground coffee and I haven't had a pod yet that suggests that this can be made to taste anywhere near as good as a fresh grind.

    Where are you? Someone might be able to point you in the direction of a local place that makes properly good coffee (which is as much about the barista and beans as the machine). If you're still unconvinced and don't plan to make great coffee a core part of your business then that might give you your answer, or you might find that you've just never been served great coffee before.


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      No. I also don't imagine customers would be falling over themselves to pay for a coffee coming out of a pod.
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        Thanks for the input guys. I should have mentioned where i am and what i am doing. I live in Santiago Chile. The brewed coffee here is worse than cheap, poorly made instant coffee and I'm not kidding. We use a Delonghi Perfecta machine at home and my wife makes coffee for 10 or so local people everyday, because its better than homemade instant and better than the crap they would get at a local so-called cafe. We had a lady we have never met a few weeks ago ring the door bell and politely asked if she could try one of the coffees she has been hearing about, wife makes coffee and chats to her for 15 minutes, she came back the following day with her friend. I personally don't think a real lot of the Perfecta, its very inconsistent. I am planning to open a lunch establishment here in Santiago and plan to do coffee. I know very little about making coffee although i have made a few thousand caps and lattes on a professional level about 8 years ago. merely going through the motions without really understanding anything. If i used the ESE type machine, which is like a Pod but a fabric filter bag thingy, i would not have to set grinders or do any of the things i read that you guys do,because i don't know how. if i employed someone who calls himself a barista he will likely make the junk he always has. Unless he has been abroad and really knows his stuff, in which case he will be already well paid in the big end of town. So in summing up, would this type of machine be good enough to get me through, remembering i am not on the east coast of Australia where good coffee is abundant.

        many thanks
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          By the sounds of it you couldn't end up worse off, if you decided to get a semi-auto/grinder and roast your own beans and just learn how online.


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            Sorry about the link Admin. I could just go for a more conventional set up and tinker as i learn but the problem with that is i won't be the person working the machine, i will have my hands full in the kitchen. The La Piccola is an automatic almost fool proof machine. I will only need to teach the operator how to texture milk, which i can do.
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            also available in 3 group.


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              Ah, fair enough


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                Hey all, Is anyone using one of these machines or have any experience with one? Mine has been going great for over a year now but I have a question that I am hoping someone has an answer to. Every so often all the little green lights flash and the machine slowly loses pressure. If I turn it off then immediately back on, problem solved. I have read the book and googled the crap out of it but no answers. Chileans have told me every possible thing you can think of, none of them even slightly believable. Many thanks.