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    I am trying to find another name for the "connectors" or a photo of them! These "connectors" resemble the points in a car distributor. What these "connecters" do is they control a spring, this spring has the ability to stop the Wega. The "connectors" are located at the back of the machine adjacent to the L/H side panel.

    Thanking you ..
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    What is the question? That was a very confusing statement full of fullstops.


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      Is that any clearer ?


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        Are you talking about the mains power switch?


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          Mains power switch is on the front of the machine. This is inside machine "adjacent to the L/H side panel".


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            Majority of machines use very similar parts, by explaining the location of the part is not making it easier. Easiest thing would be to take a photo and just quickly upload it I reckon.

            Is it electrical or plumbing?

            Maybe you're talking about the Gicar control box?


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              I donot think so ..will try and get my kids to upload some photos.
              Its Electrical...But the spring probably indicates it shuts of Water supply..


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                How about this.

                Go to this link here Coffee Parts | Wega espresso machine spare parts

                Try and find the identical part through the schematics and then let me know. It may be the pressurestat, flowmeter, 2 way solenoid.

                Let us know if you find it there.


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                  Seems to me you are trying to describe a pressurestat with the cover off, where you would see three sets of large (compared to automotive style) points, and a spring over a diaphragm. The bottom of the assembly is connected to a pipe that runs to the boiler.

                  If you found it that way (cover OFF) it is highly dangerous.

                  Danger Danger (for anyone that remembers Lost in Space)......."Fiddling" with that is a job for a suitably qualified technician.

                  Hope that helps.
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                    No, it had a cover on it.Thanks . I am sure that's what it is. LOL re danger danger


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                      Thanks brendogs . I couldnot find it there.


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                        Sirai pressurestat, part number 616597 - should look like the pic below.

                        If you need to replace it you will need to take careful not of the way it is wired - older Wegas will often have each leg of the heating element fed by an individual contact in the pressurestat, but newer machines often have the wiring reconfigured so the feed to the element runs through one contact then to the element, with the neutral connection to the other side of the element running back through another contact. Whichever way it is, you need to make 100% sure you duplicate the existing setup.
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                          If you don't know what you're doing bring in somebody who does!

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