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project classe 8 re construction

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  • project classe 8 re construction

    Last year some time i bought a classe 8 as a box of parts, its came on a pallet as a pile of copper and stainless steel with the boiler floating loose in the middle someehwere. it was a mess, i instantly regretted my impulse decision.

    I took it all home and tried to sort it out, someone had labeled the screws into ziplock bags and numbed the pipes in a sequence that made no sense to me at all.

    After throwing it all over the floor i decided i didnt want to deal with it and left it there for about 6 months.
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    a month ago i made myself strip the rest of the frame and drive it out the the powder coating guy. also ebayed myself some bulk citric acid and setup the plumbing.

    I called the rancillio usa office and asked nicely for the pdf tech manuals and began the re assembly. Most of the pipes have been bent so its trial and error to line things up to where they should be.

    I also have no idea where the pump bolts on as thats not in the shop manual.

    Im not looking forward to the electrical as this is the first machine ive rebuilt with flowmeters and screens and extra parts. This machine also has the "isteam" which has a lot of sensors and extra parts.
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