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Cimbali M29 Selectron Help Before Technician (see video)

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  • Cimbali M29 Selectron Help Before Technician (see video)

    Good day everyone! Much appreciation to the contributors here who have expanded my knowledge so greatly over the past week as I learn more and more about a new addition to my cafe.

    This machine was purchased "in working condition" however it was shipped over 1,000 miles and I fear something happened in transit.

    The unit is :
    2005 La Cimbali M29 Selectron 2 Group Tall with Turbo steam
    220v 30 amp single phase (I'm in USA)
    Plumbed to water line and drain

    My knowledge: I am totally new to this level of machine although I own a small coffeehouse we have been using a Schaerer Fully Automatic Push Button Machine prior to this.

    The symptoms:
    The unit turns on and heats up and generates boiler pressure. At that point the manual steam wand will work. The hot water dispenser works as well.

    The turbo steam feature does not work at all, no reaction from the machine when the knob is turned in either direction.

    The group heads make loud buzzing / ticking noise when pressed, very little water comes out of the brew head and some water comes out of the rear pipe. When I put grinds in the pf it doesn't even have enough pressure to get to the bottom of the tamped grinds.

    I have removed and cleaned the shower screens, jet breakers and mesh filters on the inline water line which has not made any difference. I have checked all fuses on the unit, all the electronic connections appear tight.

    I have uploaded a video to YouTube as I am sure many of you will know what could be wrong just by seeing it.

    My concern is that the machine was working 100% - then prior to shipping - it was blown out with compressed air to prevent any water from freezing. I noticed today when testing and filming it that when I filled the boiler I had a few tiny green flakes appear in the sight glass!

    I'm thinking of now removing the motor and seeing if it freely moves.

    Here is a link to the video.
    Espresso machine - what's wrong ? - YouTube

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    Miswired, frozen pump, dead solenoid valve.