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Need advice on Faema Due D92/A2

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  • Need advice on Faema Due D92/A2

    Hi, I’m newbie in here, just bought used Faema D92/A2, the seller said, "Purchased it from shop as fully refurbished machine and have never used it" Yesterday, connected water and power on ( no leaking or dripping) turn the switch on to 1 position, heard the pump kick, water glass level between 2 line, the bottom gauge from 3 moves to 9 (green) about 20 minutes or over top gauge move to green position and stayed there, but the bottom gauge turned back to 3 (blue position or little bit under 3). Just want to ask someone here, is it normal operation or something wrong, thanks in advanced.

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    One gauge measures line/pump pressure, the one that went from 3 to 9. At 3 your pump is off and it is measuring the pressure of the service line. When your boiler fills or you pull a shot the pump turns on and the gauge moves, as it should, to 9.

    The other gauge measures boiler pressure.

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      Nice machine mate. With right grinder and beans it spells Coffee Nirvana. Enjoy!