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Owner's feedback for Quickmill Vectrano 2B

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  • Owner's feedback for Quickmill Vectrano 2B

    Hi everyone at Coffeesnobs,

    I have been reading the extremely helpful information available on these forums for the past month, and I have decided that I want to replace my trusty Silvia with a dual boiler PID E61 machine. I've looked at a couple including the Rocket R58, the Izzo Alex Duetto 3 and the Quickmill Vectrano 2B.

    There's plenty on the Rocket and the Izzo, but I can't seem to find much info on Coffeesnobs about the Quickmill, so I hope the owners of the Quickmill locally can chip in a bit on your experiences on it and why you settled on getting the Quickmill over your other choices if possible

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to CS alex87!!

    Are you in Australia?

    I think Quick Mill machines are pretty uncommon in Australia.

    Site sponsors, Service Sphere claim to importers but I can't find any current reference to Quick Mill
    in their product range. There is an online source as well (non-sponsor, questionable service and backup)

    If you are in Aus you might be better off with one of the other two..... I have an Alex II, which would be my recommendation
    but you would be happy with either, I'm sure!

    p.s. it's Vetrano 2B; not Vectrano, for when you're searching. ;-)
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      Thanks for the warm welcome Chokkidog!

      Yup I'm in Melbourne actually

      Yup coffeegeek actually has a 150 page thread on the Quickmill Vectrano 2B which I have been through every page! However I was hoping that the local owners would be able to chip in since I believe one of our site sponsors The Coffee Man had a few for sale near the end of last year/beginning of this year.

      On a side note, how has your Alex II been?


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        The Alex is a fantastic coffee machine, really well built, reliable, very temp stable and with excellent recovery.

        The after sales service and backup from Talk Coffee is superb. No repairs have been necessary, only regular service.

        It has seen a lot of coffee in the 2 & 1/2 years that it's been on the roastery bench.

        The later Alex III versions aren't that much different, just some tweaking around the edges. Hard machine to improve.

        There is an upgrade path but only a small handful of machines are on that list.... Alex Leva, Ambient Vesuvius, LM GS3, Slayer (?), Speedster.

        150 pages eh?? That's a lot of reading!! Maybe give the Coffee Man a ring?

        Cheers and enjoy the ride.


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          I bought one of TCM. No complaints other than that the rotary pump is a bit louder than on the megacrem, but perhaps that is tanked vs plumbed.

          Why? Because it was more than $500 cheaper than I could find an R58 / Alex Duetto / VBM Super etc.


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            The only company that can produce a rotary pump machine louder than a vibe pump!

            There was an import of them into Oz- but whether anyone is still doing them or if they're still available I don't know. Disave did import them, but dropped them. Perhaps TCM purchased all their stock.

            I suspect that the pricing differential might be a product of the circumstances. Apples with apples- as always.


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              Originally posted by Hildy View Post
              I bought one of TCM. No complaints other than that the rotary pump is a bit louder than on the megacrem, but perhaps that is tanked vs plumbed.

              Why? Because it was more than $500 cheaper than I could find an R58 / Alex Duetto / VBM Super etc.
              Hi Hildy, would you mind elaborating about the pump being noisy? Have you compared it to the r58/duetto/vbm super in terms of pump noise?


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                It's quieter than the Silvia's pump. It's louder than on the commercial machine I have access to.

                I have not compared it to any other domestic machines with rotary pumps.

                It's quieter than a Giotto PP with a vibe pump.

                I haven't tried the single basket because my tamper doesn't fit it (but does fit the double basket, go figure). It was a bit more finicky with the VST than the Silvia which I'm blaming on the rotary pump. Very forgiving with the EP basket.

                Boiler gets up to temp relatively quickly and the temp on the readout does not fluctuate much (1 deg or so). Group head is up to a stableish temp by 20 minutes (based on a stick on thermometer). Steam boiler heats up in about 3-4. I flick the steam boiler switch on when I actually start thinking about a milk based coffee, but I leave the brew boiler on while I'm home in the morning. There's almost nothing you can do to speed up brew path heatup, unlike on the Silvia.

                Somewhat less tolerant of overdosing than the Silvia.


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                  Thanks for that Hildy, sounds like it's a real contender!


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                    Interesting. the 2 x Achille that we played with were more like sunbeam thermoblock than rotary and we did a heap to quieten them. Both improved dramatically, but not to Izzo levels.

                    The only louder rotary pump/motor combo I have experienced in anything was on the Orchestrale. All of that said, I have no hands on with the QM 2B- so that may be quieter than the levers were.


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                      Thanks to everyone who have commented! After a couple of enquiries with shop/reps I have decided look past the Vectrano due to the lack of local support. It will have to be between the alex duetto and rocket r58 for me.


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                        Nice choice to have!! Get yourself to TC and check them out.
                        You know where my vote lies but either machine will make you grin. :-D


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                          Yeah, that's a reasonable decision to make.

                          FWIW, what I paid for my vetrano 2B was $1200 less than what I've seen various sponsors sell the Duetto for.

                          I'll see if I can take a comparison recording of noise between the Vetrano and the Silvia before I give the Silvia away.


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                            Yup, the incredible price for the Vectrano 2B was what pushed it into contention initially, but the local importers service sphere doesn't have any stock and from what I have heard from them, it seems unlikely that they will bring more into the country unless I actually buy one sight unseen. I am someone who likes to touch and feel the machine in person before I commit to buying it, so that really isn't an option for me I guess.


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                              My Dad purchased the Vetrano 2B and is very happy with it. For the price he paid you could hardly go past it for what it has. Plus we have local support/service by the TCM.