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  • Junior Extra DOA - Advice please

    Perhaps some of the pro Snobbers can offer some advice. My G/F (who lives in Russia) is in the process of setting herself up to supply coffee accessories and machines to the Russian market, which seems to be on the cusp of discovering specialty coffee. Her first machine arrived from BFC yesterday and seems to be DOA. Whilst the first port of call is back to BFC, I'm wondering if anyone here can offer an opinion on what the problem could be. The machine arrived undamaged (as in the packing is fine and the machine hasn't got a fact it looks great. It's a BFC/Diadema/La Vittoria (etc etc) Junior extra double boiler PID (phew).. Unpacked, filled, on the bench and switched on, but neither boiler appears to be working. The PID display is on, the pump works and the red 'on' light lights up, but the green boiler heat light does not. An hour later it was still at room temperature. Any clues? I'm a long way from Moscow at the moment and struggling to help. Perhaps a connector has popped off in transit? Apart from that I'm a bit stumped as to my knowledge there's nothing in the Gicar PID which could be shutting the boiler(s) operation down. Assuming it left the factory in working order, and there's no reason to assume it didn't, what could it be?

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    It will be helpful for "BFC" to know where the machine was purchased from because the first sphere of responsibility for this service will lie with the vendor.

    If memory serves correct, there is a Russia area importer.....

    So really the first (and only one if this results in a successful fix) port of call is to contact the vendor.

    After that if necessary, your best bet will be to, as you have written, contact BFC. It is an excellent company to deal with and will take all your service concerns seriously.

    Email the above or similar to:
    and mark it for the attention of both Micol and Carlo.

    Carlo does not write in english language and will not respond directly, but he will be behind whatever results from a technical point of view. Micol is the Russia area BFC representative. Both are great people, cant recommend them highly enough.

    They may however, handball it directly to the Russian importer, because that is the way it probably should be done.

    You should also be aware, that there are often problems in consigning SINGLE machines. Pallets of machines have a greater overall protection factor from damage. The single machine may not show any obvious signs of damage, but may have suffered a shock that has caused something to fail.

    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks for the input TOK. The machine was purchased directly from BFC and the first call was to them, which is the way it should be of course. We're waiting for their response. To my knowledge there is no Russian wholesaler for BFC home machines; if there is then they didn't tell us about one As I mentioned, this is the first one (probably one of the few non commercial BFC machines in Russia) and was purchased for evaluation prior to a larger order, all going well. I was hoping someone would think of a simple reason for the boiler elements to refuse to heat that I haven't thought of so she can get on with the evaluation but it seems we will have to wait for the tech to look at it tomorrow. All I can think of, other than a board fault or disconnected wiring, is the low water level shutdown...but that seems to be ok because it beeps if you lift the reservoir. Of course it may still beep and not power up the boilers. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see..


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        Problem solved thanks to the direct support of BFC. If anyone reading this has a similar issue, the 'fault' was an operator error when installing the water reservoir which resulted in a trip of the thermal protection system (I.e. It worked as designed). A quick reset and all is well. The reports I've had back and the Skype vision I've seen of the machine in operation indicate that it is the quietest I've come across. Quality of finish appears to be excellent but I'll report back when I actually see it in the metal.


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          Glad it worked out easily and that you found BFC to be as I "recommended".

          I use one of these (rotary pump model) as my dedicted cupping machine. For convenience I connected it direct to (filtered) mains water instead of running it from the tank. It is as you say an excellent machine, and this one actually replaces my previous model which was the same but with vibrating pump and no water connection, with which I also had no problem.

          I cant speak highly enough of them....


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            BFC have been good, and Micol speaks excellent Russian which makes life much easier for my G/F. Actually she had been corresponding and speaking with Micol from day one and she's been good to deal with. I'll be in Moscow in a couple of weeks (with a case full of accessories!) so I'm looking forward to a test drive :-)