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La marzocco GS3 issues

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  • La marzocco GS3 issues

    Hi guys,

    I purchased my GS3 about 4 months ago as a demo. Let me first say the machine has been amazing! It has far exceeded my expectations.I've been using the same beans and grinder for about 6 months and have been amazed with the results, life has been good. That is until last week. For some strange reason I have completely lost flavour in the cup and I'm barely getting any crema. I've tried adjusting my grind, dosing, tamping ect but to no prevail. It literally changed overnight without changing beans or grind. I'm meticulous with this machine and clean and backflush on a regular basis. Pump pressure is perfect, there is no leaks, temperature is normal and there is heat to the group, there is no blockages and no leaks. All seems normal but the coffee most certainly isn't. Does anyone have an idea what may be wrong? Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Cheers, Dan.

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    First things first....have you tried a different batch of beans since this problem emerged?


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      Yeah try a different bag of fresh beans.
      Also maybe try cleaning out the grinder if you haven't done so already.
      I've had my gs3 for almost a year now and i absolutely love it.


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        Follow BO'S's logic ........ analyse all of your MO. What is different?

        You say you have lost flavour; but it must taste like something.

        Can you describe it? What is your cleaning procedure? What products do you use and how?

        Same beans for 6 months. What do you mean by this?


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          Hi dans,
          I had exactly the same issues a while ago.I tried everything. Turned out to be a bad bag (250g) of beans in the 2kgs I bought
          As the other guys have suggested, try new beans first


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            Thanks for the prompt reply guys,

            Grinder is spotless, also cleaned regularly.

            I have been using the same beans from a local roaster for the last 6 months, bought fresh in 250 gram lots. Roaster uses an auto batch roaster for consistency, so it's not the beans. But to be sure, in the last week I have tried 3 different batches of beans from different roasters with the same results.

            Taste in the cup just has no body or depth of flavour, add milk and all you can taste is milk. It tastes like that pod coffee rubbish. I'm getting my 30ml in 30secs as usual, and I've tried and tested many different grinding, dosing, tamping techniques without success. My coffee has never tasted this bad and I've owned 5 machines. As I said it was like an overnight change, but I was still using the same batch of beans. I'm baffled!

            Cleaning routine is, back flushing ( without powder ) and cleaning group after each extraction. Weekly - removing the screen and backflush with powder as per manufacturers specification using Caffeto. Machine is Fully plumbed in with water filter.


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              There is another possibility... the problem could be you! Have you had a cold, sore throat or flu lately? It isn't uncommon to have your tastebuds affected during illness. I once lost most of my sense of smell and taste for a six month period following a very nasty flu. It did all come back though and everything is as good as ever now.


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                Very valid point, but no I'm in good health.


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                  Ok, ....have you been tracking roast dates? Are you consistently using the coffee in the same time window? i.e. day 9-14, to try and re-centre?

                  What is your filter size and approx dose? Out of interest what grinder is paired with your machine (not that the grinder is the issue)?

                  30ml in 30 secs will produce a wide range of results depending on your start point.

                  I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in the variables. Temp is normal. Do you know what temp the brew water is?

                  Is your water filtration working properly? How much powder do you use when you back flush?


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                    Thanks for all your advice guys! So today I woke up early eager to get to the bottom of the issues I've been having! I replaced the water filter, flushed out the water lines, backflushed the machine and cleaned all of my equipment. I also played with the grind a bit and my tamping. I'm happy to report I have beautiful coffee once again! So many variables in coffee making and everyone's advice on this site is so vital, thanks heaps guys for pushing me to dig deeper! You learn something new every day! As of tomorrow I will be the proud owner of my first roaster and I'm sure my questions will keep coming. Thanks once again guys. Attached is my results from today, looking much better!Click image for larger version

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