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How do I best mainain my LM GS3 when I go on holiday

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  • How do I best mainain my LM GS3 when I go on holiday

    I have a LM GS3 and I am about to travel for 5 weeks. I am the only one here who uses it.

    I would like some suggestions as to how best maintain it while I am away.

    Do I drain the water from it before I go or do I leave it as is or is there another alternative?

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    5 weeks is no biggie but.................

    You should talk directly to a qualified tech such as Rick @ coffee machinist. (sponsor),

    the place where you bought it or LM head office in Melbourne.

    Just to get the right information.


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      When you do source that information share it with other people because it's a great question that I'm sure people are faced with a lot of the time.


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        Usually, when machines are delivered by manufacturers to their respective importers, they are ready to be used by the end user except that the water level in the boilers is at minimum. When machines are eventually sold on at retail be it in a short space of time or months later, all that happens when the end user switches on for the first time, is the auto fill kicks in and fills the machine to correct level, after which it will proceed to warm up.

        I cant see any reason why, when going away for a few weeks, you cant just switch it off and leave it.

        You could of course, clean it up first ie, do a group clean and backflush.

        I don't however see any advantage in draining the machine of water. A manufacturer will do this because over a pallet or pallets or a container of machines, carrying a full charge of water in each and every boiler adds unnecessary weight in consignment, and makes 2, 3, and 4 group machines unnecessarily heavy to manhandle when they are being unloaded singly and moved around before being connected in their final destination.

        Machines left on a bench for a few weeks don't need to be lightened.

        Hope that helps.

        Oh should have mentioned....if it's plumbed in, turn off the water delivery stop cock (otherwise known as "tap")...and of course switch off electrically at the wall. The last thing you need is to come home to a flooded house of the water line or water filter bursts while you are away....


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          ive wondered about turning off the "tap" on my machine. is there a specific reason why its any different from a dishwasher for example?


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            I dont do dishwashers only coffee machines, and i've seen enough flexible reinforced water line failures in my time, including both anywhere along the length of the line, as well as where they are joined to their end unions.

            I recommend all plumbed in coffee machines should have the mains connection turned off every night (cafes) or whenever the machine is not in use (homes), but there is an extremely high proportion of clients that believe they know better than their service providers...that is of course until it happens to them

            Turning off the water also means switching the machine off electrically.

            It is not a pleasant experience to have to pull up all the carpet, as well as replace parquetry or other floor coverings throughout a home (or cafe or floor of an office building including damage to others premises next door...). It can be a very expensive mistake.


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              I asked my coffee tech the same question as I'm off on Sunday for a few weeks. He just said turn off the water and switch the machine off at the wall. Easy as that! I will miss my GS3 dearly over the next few weeks. The big question is... how I should maintain myself in Asia without her deliciouso coffee making abilities?