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la cimbali d/1 older model burnt out heating element?or other

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  • la cimbali d/1 older model burnt out heating element?or other

    hoping someone can help. Was trying to do a descale, sucking from a bucket lower than the machine. Procon pump wouldn,t pick up water well, only giving a dribble out of the group when trying to get the descale solution through the system. Tried a couple of times for approx 45 secs each go. Machine was partially warm before starting. During the third go, an electrical smell developed which then led to a blown fuse at my fuse board. Now when I turn the machine on it powers up but the heating element light switches on for a moment then clicks off. Seems logical that the element is cooked but before I spend $110 on another, I'd like to get some backup on my conclusion. Open to suggestions of what might need replacing- thanks

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    Was the boiler filled above the level required to cover the element before you switched on? If there was insufficient water in the boiler then the element may not have been covered and has possibly been damaged. Do you know if your machine has a protection device for the element?

    You can check the element (ensure machine is switched off and unplugged!) by using multimeter and measuring the resistance at the terminals where the supply active and neutrals are connected to the element. You should get a measurement equal to voltage squared divided by the power rating of the element. For example, if you're running 240V and element is say 1600W, then R=36 ohms. If you get something drastically different (including infinite/open circuit) then element may indeed be damaged.

    Also check other wiring for visible damage etc.

    If you know an electrician, it would be best to have them check the element.
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