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  • Identify this machine?

    Hi All,
    I bought a Grimac 3 Group online recently thinking I could use it at home and play around. I now realise this may have been a bad idea! It has a 15AMP connection so it is not going to work at home unless I upgrade the power. I want to sell it but I don't really know what I have. Could anyone here please help out?

    In addition to identifying what it is, if someone could let me know how much I can expect to get for it that would be great too. Thanks!

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    Originally posted by DoubleRistretto View Post
    Hi All,
    I bought a Grimac 3 Group online recently

    In addition to identifying what it is, if someone could let me know how much I can expect to get for it that would be great too.
    If you have the machine, it should have a name plate with model number , date etc on it.
    Selling ??? unlikely a commercial user would want it,..they need solid modern kit with service back up
    ...Private buyer ??.. well you know the answer ..... you were one ! ..its not suitable for 99% of domestic situations
    So very limited market

    Value ? ..impossible to say as its age, condition, history, and weather it even works or not...are complete unknowns.
    Put it back on Ebay with $50 start price and no reserve.....and hope !
    You might get more for the pump, PF's etc (if you have them) than for the whole m/c !

    PS: do know that a 15 amp supply is not difficult or expensive to have installed ?


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      I would like to add:

      In terms of identifying it, you already have !

      15 amps on a *full size* (as in large boiler) 3 group machine (at first observed from its having 2 steam pipes rather than 1 only as would be expected on a *compact sized* machine), and can be confirmed by having an experienced person look at the size of the boiler, is in this day and age rather unusual and I would expect a 20 amp connection rather than a 15....although you never know what a previous owner may have done..... Unless I am mistaken that machine should have a boiler size > 20 litres and 15 amps doesn't cut it with that.

      That would be important for the OP to check first off IF he decided to hold on to the machine and try to use it...

      For the rest of it...there is more to life than easy capability to upgrade a power source to accommodate use of the machine at home. It will be a useless power eater with slow heat up time for the OP's 2 cups of coffee a day, and takes up more space than having a football field in your kitchen.

      That said, if the OP doesn't mind that, then all is ok


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        Ok, thanks for the advice. I think I am really stuffed on this and set to lose a tonne of cash! I didn't realise how massive it actually is. Currently still in the boot of my 4wd also.


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          All is not necessarily lost......

          Without any knowledge of the machine in question...but from an experienced trader perspective:

          I imagine its about 15 years old (check the compliance plate, I am expecting pre 2000) and from a regular commercial perspective, its not going to go into regular cafe business again...

          However, it is a relatively simple machine and as long as it is a goer (electronics all work as intended incl autofill, motor/pump works, it has at least 3 group handles and filters, steam valves work fine with full steam capacity and no leaks, and it flows hot water from the groups / properly with auto shut off, and doesn't have a boiler full of milk scum), and is cleaned up and presents well, then it is the kind of thing that can be sold to places such as community / church groups for between say $1500.00 and $1999.00 in proper working condition (at the time of sale) with a very short period of guarantee (including a detailed statement of guarantee that says what you will cover and or what you wont, during the period).

          From a trader perspective, the community group then looks to you for provision of after sales / back up service, so what you are selling for the price, isa fully functional well presented but older machine, and your future services (ergo the machine cant reflect badly back at you or else...).

          Work back from there for your situation, or if there are things that require rectification / replacement of parts..... Needless to say, electronic parts are probably going to be the most expensive parts to replace if they need doing....

          And as has already been can bung it on the bay of weevils or other empire of evil and see what the cat drags in.

          Hope that helps


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            Thanks TOK, that's actually very helpful and has given me some hope! I will get a 15 AMP point rigged up at home so I can verify it's all working. How can I go about selling it to a Church/Community group?

            As an aside, pending it is all working, if there is money left in the deal for you would you be interested in selling it?


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              Hello DR.

              afraid thats a tough one for you because you are I guess not in the trade so people dont come to you when looking for a machine.

              The idea is simply that, all is not lost, and you may find a buyer in an appropriate section of the community that will take it on.

              I wouldnt go putting extra circuits in your house as that is just an extra cost to you. And it might be the wrong circuit. What, if as i surmise, it is really a 20 amp machine but you put in a 15? And if you get the right circuit, and find things that need fixing...thats just more cost to you.

              Suggest you need to decide whether you want to hook it up and keep it, and are prepared to spoend some money on it for yourself (whatever may be required) OR... onsell. If you want to onsell, dont spend any money at all, advertise it, be truthful (made a mistake, didnt expect it to be so big, didnt realise it would need the extra circuit etc) and try to get your money back in passing it on.

              Hope that helps.