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La Pavoni Tipo Bar 2- A learning and refurbishing journey

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  • La Pavoni Tipo Bar 2- A learning and refurbishing journey

    So I come now to wanting to gain knowledge over the internals of my machine. But I suppose it is also the tools we have to work with- myself being not exactly rich, I don't have the money to spend on servicing.

    Being careful is the first aim of the game.

    The second aim is to learn the ins and outs of my machine, and of machines as a general thing, truly.

    This thread will serve as my diary with updates ~ periodically. I'll try for weekly, but I will likely spend most of my hours over the next week simply cleaning this.

    I acquired this machine via gumtree. It was a hairdressing salon's machine, and they said one of the steam wands doesn't work.

    I've had a thread search on spare parts, but I'll get to the meat of it now.

    Inside is absolutely filthy. I have no idea what they've spilt on this or whatever but this is disgusting.

    A nice bout of cafetto rinsed the handles well, so at least they are clean.

    Ahead, lie plenty of adventures of steel wool, monkey wrenches, wd40, some CLR and hopefully not too many spare parts.

    At least I have some small luck in having done part of a chemical engineering degree and having friends who have done electrical and fabricators.

    but where are the photos?

    i link them thusly. (Hope it works, plz be vbulletin)


    i have have decided that adding pics from phone is cumbersome so right click from computer is better, but here's a link to the album.

    excuse the profile picture, please.

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    I think your privacy settings are too high, facebook link doesn't work. Image links also don't work. This isn't a vbulletin forum I don't think, your best bet is to upload to imgur or the like and code the image links into the post.

    Also, CLR probably wouldn't be the best product for descaling. It's not an approved food grade chemical.
    Using citric acid is probably the cheapest and easiest method for making up mass amounts of descaling solution (required for soaking complete boilers and parts).


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      It is vbulletin but the administrator/owner doesn't allow newbies to post images.

      A few more posts and your permissions status will change.

      Check your status at the bottom of any thread page you are reading.


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        Made a big post, darn iphone swipe settings.

        oh well.

        as for the image tags, I was just pre-emptying myself due to laziness. Prefer to copy paste 1 at a time, right?

        But my to do list currently stands at:

        wd40 for some nuts that aren't giving... Maybe a smaller wrench or a socket.

        I want to clean them, but also want to get the shower screens off, and the screws there are also nasty but I don't want them to thread so I'm treading lightly.

        The main reason for me to use/get CLR is actually to get the rust off of some pieces that are particularly nasty. Mostly small areas that need a more concentrated effort to come out all 'sparkle-sparkle', as is the plan

        citric acid for descaling

        bigger/smaller monkey wrench for nuts/group head in case the screens won't come off D:

        Socket wrench if smaller monkey doesn't work.

        i did google some other solutions to my but problem, but I don't think that if I can't budge them soon they'll be in the way of my restoring the machine.

        just a couple of niggling dirty parts that will itch at me till I forget they exist


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          This looks like an interesting project. Enjoy the journey[emoji106]


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            The reason there's no pics in the first post is because there is no address with-in the tags. There's just....tags.

            The best thing to do in re posting pics is to upload them as attachments in the post. That way when the image hosting site disappears or changes the path to your directory the pictures will still be available here rather than ending up as yet another broken link.

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