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ECM Michelangelo advice needed

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  • ECM Michelangelo advice needed

    Hey folks, I'm new here. Glad to be around and browsing the various coffee topics.

    I have the possibility of purchasing a two group ECM Michelangelo (italian) with 4200w and a 14 liter boiler.

    I am not familiar with ECM Italy. Are these reputable, reliable machines?

    I have tried to contract ECM by email to ask whether they know what year the machine is from. They have not replied. Not can I find information on machines predating 2000 (which might be the case when you see the 6 button control graphics.

    Anybody have some help they can share on this?

    I'll try to attach a few photos.

    Thanks all!Click image for larger version

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    P.s. asking price in USD approx 1000. Too much perhaps?


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      Originally posted by twirk View Post
      P.s. asking price in USD approx 1000. Too much perhaps?
      ECM is a reputable brand and the Michelangelo is a capable machine. Should be fine for around 5-8kgs per day.
      They are actually the original manufacturer of the Giotto Rocket if i am not mistaken?

      The only problems i have seen with them is the volumetric buttons and of course heat soak in the group heads which is something you have to deal with on most E61 equipped machines.

      $1000 is a decent price if it has had a recent service. Expect around $100-$150 worth of seals and gaskets if they need doing.


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        Thanks for the reply Luke_G. Much appreciated. If I go for this machine, it will be my first commercial espresso machine. Pretty excited to get my hands on one and play around with it.

        I'm located fairly fat of the beaten track and when a good deal comes along where shipping doesn't double the sale price of the shipped item, better jump on it.

        Thanks again. Appreciate your input!