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Kees van der Westen Mirage Idrocompresso

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  • Kees van der Westen Mirage Idrocompresso

    Being a bit of lever machine enthusiast I thought I'd share a fairly rare and special lever machine I spotted in a cafe called the Bellingen Gelato Bar in Sydney's Rozelle. Its a Kees van der Westen Mirage Idrocompresso. Here are a few pics. The third pic is of one of the co-owners, Danny, who made me an amazing espresso, very dense and thick.

    On talking to him and his father (the other owner) they told me their experiences with the machine. They also said that it is hard to source the right seals for the groups. I told them that the groups look like a Bosco groups (the same kind as used on Londinium and other commercial/prosumer levers). Am I right? If so, then shouldn't the seals be available from the Australian agents for Bosco? The pics taken on my wife's iphone unfortunately don't give a clear view of the groups.
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    The cafe/wine bar at 222 Riley St has a three group Idrocompresso which is just stunning. I believe that it comes from CS sponsor Coffee Parts.


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      The group is a 58mm CMA group so seals shouldn't be an issue- unless Kees has tweaked it to use a different group seal. I'd doubt it though.

      CMA seals...easy to get.


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        wow that is the most beautiful machine ever. i would sell my firstborn for one except it wont fit in my coffee spot ( yes I've measured it).


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          I love the KVdW machines. I must marry one of his daughters!

          A Mirage triplette will suffice though