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Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle

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  • Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle

    Has anyone used a Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle? How do they compare with other group head temp controlled machines. Looking at a 2 Gp. Currently have a 2Gp Wega Atlas. Wondering if I should stick with the T3 rather than pay the extra money. First time poster.

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    Black Eagle is a Nuova Simonelli T3 wrapped up in better looking bodywork with the added shot by weight scales built into the drip tray.

    "The second key feature, and the most exciting, is the Black Eagle’s built-in gravimetric weighing system, incorporated directly into the grate above the machine’s drip tray. The gravimetric capabilities of the Black Eagle are designed around individual load cells, stored inside the machine and mounted within the drip tray grates using a simple and easy to remove latch. These load cells weigh the volume in a cup, which is then displayed in a digital read out above the group head, featuring both time and weight data. Software inside the machine tells the load cell what to read and what to ignore; for example, the software can distinguish between reading shot volume and a barista’s hand inadvertently bumping the drip tray."

    Very nice build quality when I checked them out and better looking than the T3 but still very automated processes which wasn't what I was looking for hence buying a Slayer.

    Being made by NS you wouldn't be making a bad purchase, the T3's I have played with have produced very clean in the cup coffees when pulled side by side with an FB80.

    Enjoy your shopping



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      I love the idea behind the black eagle, I think they look great and I like automation when its about helping the barista make coffee they way they intended too, it puts the coffee on show rather then the barista's skills which is the way it should be.

      They probably havn't done enough hard yards in cafe's yet to see if there are any issues so you would be an early adopter.


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        I viewed the Black Eagle at launch in HOST last year. They are essentially a T3 in a better body. At that stage the "gravimetric" system wasn't fully sorted. Vibration from the pump was disturbing the accuracy of the scales.
        I believe this has been rectified.
        There is a version without the scales.
        it is a fantastic looking machine with the usual top end build quality from NS.
        Maybe just a little more real world time would test them properly.


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          Thank you all for your feedback. I will do a test drive in about 3 weeks of the black eagle and a couple others, so I will post my thoughts


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            Cafe woogi @ bonissimo in Osborne park Perth have a black eagle on the bench , had a very nice espresso from it . Could be the first black eagle in Perth .