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Dalla corte super mini, any feedback?

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  • Dalla corte super mini, any feedback?

    Hi, i’m new in this great forum. I’m leaving in Canada, and I have 2 questions:
    • My first one , is the Vesuvius machine (by Ambient&Spresso) available in Canada, for try and may be to buy
    • My second one, since I’m looking for a new machine, I was wondering if I can get any help or feedback on the Dalla corte Super mini (my first idea was to buy lamarzocco GS3, and few weeks ago someone suggested to me the DC super mini

    Thanks for your help

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    I own the DC Mini(no supers) and am very happy with it. It was only recently i looked at upgrading but there was nothing around in a sub $5k price range that i considered an upgrade so i stuck with the Dalla Corte.
    The difference between the Mini and the Super is around 10cm in height, independent switches for the group boiler and the steam boilers and a hot water wand.
    I did not want the extra height of the super and a hot water wand was not on my list of priorities.

    I have never used a GS3 or the Vesuvius so i can not comment on them in comparison to the DC. The GS3 would no doubt be a step up from the DC though.

    What are you currently using and what grinder do you have?


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      Originally posted by Hossa12 View Post
      is the Vesuvius machine (by Ambient&Spresso) available in Canada, for try and maybe to buy?
      Welcome Hossa,

      I'd suggest that it might be worth contacting Ambient&spresso via their facebook page. They will be able to tell you if there is a Canadian supplier.

      Another possibility would be to direct your question to the Vesuvius users forum. It's an amazing machine without competitors in the top level prosumer class.




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        I have had my Vesuvius for about a month now and cannot praise it highly enough, is is simply amazing. It allows you to pre-infuse just as you can on a GS3, with the added functionality of complete pressure profile control. You can even change pump acceleration characteristics to smooth out pressure ramping and downfall.

        It can almost be an intimidating machine in its possibilities, but if you want the most from your beans then this really is the dream machine. Certain characteristics I have found can be enhanced through different profiles, and longer pre-infusion allows for much finer grinds and increased surface area contact between the grinds and the water.

        In my opinion it is head and shoulders above machines that are almost double the price in the prosumer category. With ambient&spresso you are paying for incredible quality parts and workmanship, not for a badge.

        The Vesuvius is worth every penny and I wouldn't swap mine for any machine out there.


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          Thank you guys for all your feedback. i'm looking to upgrade from my current nuova simonelli deluxe. i have a good grinder K30. i will contact Ambient&spresso and get more detail. thanks again