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Circuit Diagram for older commercial Gaggia?

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  • Circuit Diagram for older commercial Gaggia?

    Hi all,

    It's my first post here, so go easy on me! :-)

    I have been given an old 2 group commercial Gaggia machine which was written off economically after ongoing maintenance costs and which is in need of repair. I have looked around on the net and have had no luck finding an appropriate circuit diagram.
    I am a maintenance electrician by trade and so was wondering if anyone had one available or could point me in the right direction?

    The model number is little unclear but the details on the nameplate are:

    Gaggia Milano Robecco s.N.
    Made in Italy
    Matr 1076

    It is an older manual push button unit (no volumetric metering), perhaps from the 1980's.

    Any help appreciated! :-)



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    Here are a couple of pics of the unit as I received it.




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      Just wondering if anyone has any idea which model this machine might be? It looks similar to an extremely basic version of an E90 or D90, the back covers look the same. If I can find out the model, it will make it easier to find information on it :-)




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        Hi there,

        I sincerely doubt you will get any info. A little hard to tell from the photo taken at top but it looks like an early multi boiler machine.....most here probably don't realise that multi boilers were around quite a while before they became PID controlled and were turned into the excellent modern type machines we see today. These were however quite rare in Australia, I only ever saw two of them, way back, and your estimation of it being roughly 1980's (or maybe early 90's) would be close enough.

        I'm surprised anyone has been struggling with one of these in a commercial situation nowadays, as it is well and truly obsolete and would represent commercial suicide in a cafe.

        I am assuming you think someone has been playing with the wiring, otherwise there is no requirement for a wiring diagram in practical terms... although there will be an aweful lot of old hi res wiring in there that would need replacing if you were trying to resurrect the thing....

        By the way from the details you've given, the model type would appear to be "ANCC EXPORT" (whatever that means), serial number 1076.

        Sorry cant be any more help.


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          Hi TOK,

          Thanks for the info. The unit has a separate "boiler" for each group head, and also a separate steam boiler. The unit had a seized pump, which I freed up, a blown pump motor capacitor as a result, which I replaced, and an apparently faulty level control, which I alsoreplaced. The total investment in the repair to this stage was around $15 thanks to ebay J

          The unit belonged to a school, an it would not have been running flat out every day but they did end up replacing it for some reason though LOL!

          When I first turned it on, the pump motor tried to run continuously (it needed repair anyway), and the valve supplying water to the steam boiler was on constantly. I cleaned the probe, which looked fine. Pulling apart the level control revealed some scratch marks indicating someone had had problems there before. I bought a new 11 pin level control (Omron style), reconfigured the wiring inside to match the original Gicar unit, and installed it. The result was the same (no change) but at least the Omron style unit had an indicator on the front to show whether or not it was sensing water. Further investigation led me to believe that someone had swapped the pump/solenoid wiring from a normally closed contact to a normally open contact. Firing it up again showed the pump to be working OK, but no heating was taking place, and that is where I left it for the moment. All the elements check out fine, and all solenoids appear to work.

          The wiring diagram would help me to understand the sequence of operation, so if anyone knows of a Gaggia pushbutton model of around the same age and type, it could give me the information I am after.

          Sorry to be so long winded but it’s a fun little project with the potential to get a working coffee machine out of it at the end J




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            The model is 'Asso' and the the controller has nothing to do with heating, only steam boiler refill. Heating of the steam boiler is controlled by a pressure-stat only and the brew boilers heat is controlled by adjustable oil/mechanical thermostats which are likely to be cactus by now (common problem).

            I have worked on a few of these in Melb so feel free to
            ask any questions. Good luck.


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              Oh and the pump and solenoid contacts should be normally open.