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HELP! My Alex Duetto II's pump has stopped pumping water

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  • HELP! My Alex Duetto II's pump has stopped pumping water

    Hey all,

    Was using Alex last night at a Christmas carols event, and after about 2 hours of not very intense use, the pump just stopped producing pressure!

    It's 2 years old, and has never had an issue. Spent the first year running off the tank, second year plumbed in with about 3 bar line pressure. Always hooked up to everpure 2CB5-S from Coffee Parts, cartridge replaced in Feb this year. I wasn't able to use filtered water at the event, but this is the only 2 hours of it's life that it has not had filtered water, and only went through 2 tanks worth of water.

    When I activate the lever, I can hear the pump start and it sounds fairly normal, but only a tiny trickle of water comes through the group head, and the pressure gauge very slightly moves, to about 0.5 - 1 bar.

    Has this kind of thing happened to any other Duetto (or other rotary pump machine) owners out there? Any thoughts?



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    Possibly the pressure relief valve in the pump!


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      Remote diagnosis- always challenging...

      Yes- possible bypass in the pump (I'd think unlikely though). Also, check the boiler solenoid. Lastly, if you have disabled the low water level warning, check it's switched back to plumbed operation.


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        Or maybe it's lost prime/ got an airlock? Was the pump activated when the silicone water tubing was out of the water?

        You can reprime the pump by pouring water down the pipe while you hold it up vertically, look for air bubbles rising up the tube. Place the tube back in the tank and activate

        the pump. it might take a few goes but it will reprime.... I've done it twice. While I was playing with it I fixed it once by crimping the pipe at the end, then turning the pump on and

        the other time by forcing the water into the pump by blowing on the tube full of water, and refilling, letting air out, refilling etc...then putting tubes in tank and turning on.

        One of things that fixes itself while you're trying different things and you don't know exactly which one worked.....