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Seeking info on Futurmat Arieté (2005)

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  • Seeking info on Futurmat Arieté (2005)

    Hello Good folks!
    I've got myself a sleek three group 2005 Futurmat Arieté and am looking for user manual or any other documentation for it.

    Grouphead on the left seems to be on half as long on all settings as the other two groupheads.

    Also I have a bit of a leak in the joint between electric motor and water pump.

    Anybody have experience with these machines?

    Seems like info on these machines is NOWHERE to be found online.

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    Presumably you have a 25 or 30 amp connection to plug it in to.

    If you are in Australia contact Global Coffee Solutions in Wollongong (importer) to get a copy of an owner booklet. There wont be any other documentation.

    The owner booklet will tell you how to programme the offending touch pad (well, all of them actually) for the specific model but will contain precious little else of value as with any owner booklet for any espresso machine.

    The touch pads on multiple group machines can be programmed individually if you want to programme differences for whatever reason OR......usually the touch pad on the left is a "master" where if you programme it, the others will fall into line with the same settings (so no need to do them all individually if you want them all the same). Up to you really.

    It seems you may be looking for a new water pump pronto. Remember, water and electrickery dont mix, and neither do handymen with no electrical savvy and electrickery, so if you fall into that category, better take extreme care or get someone with the know how to work on it for you. Regardless, never work inside a coffee machine without the plug right OUT of the socket.

    Hope that helps.


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      TOK thank you so much for responding. I'm about as far away from Australia you possibly could get 😄 Greenland.

      My breaker is 16 amp. And it is not tripping the fuse. Machine runs 3700W, 240V. It just makes it under 16A.

      I'll try to contact global coffee solutions and see what.

      Thanks for the safety warnings. I promise to be careful


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        User manual here:
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          Thanks chokkidog. Even though that manual is for the F3 it seems to be compatible with my Arieté.