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Wega Evd2 no autofill

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  • Wega Evd2 no autofill

    Hi folks, I need a little help with a friend's Wega Atlas EVD2 that I'm giving a quick refurb.

    The autofill is not fully working, when I switch machine on, I hear solenoids click, but no pump to fill, the other thing not working (both groups) are the volumetric buttons on both groups.

    If I disconnect the wire to probe it makes no difference.

    My current (guess) idea is that the button panel part is at fault?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Justin.

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    On further testing, each time i hear clicking from left side button box, all lights flash on the buttons, and pump very slightly pulses with each click.


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      Sounds like a problem with the low water sensor switch.


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        Originally posted by 260zman View Post
        pump very slightly pulses with each click.
        This makes me suspect maybe the issue is a stuck pump - if you were testing the machine drawing from a tank rather than plumbed in, a stuck pump would also stop it autofilling or the groups flowing. First thing I'd check would be to disconnect the pump from the pump motor and see if the pump turns freely and the pump motor runs properly without the pump head connected.

        On an Atlas, if the touchpad buttons stop working but the manual group switches still work, the problem is usually a failed transformer on the control board.

        Also note that it is possible to set an Atlas using a jumper on the control board so that it doesn't use the pump when filling the boiler, just mains pressure, so if testing with an unpressurised supply it won't work properly.


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          Hi, thanks for that.
          The pump works fine using the manual button, and is plumbed in. It's interesting what you mentioned about the jumper on the output of box, as that is what this has.

          So when water level is low, all the control box does is energize the solenoid on water inlet valve (which is off the side of the pump/motor)?
          I've been trying to trace through to see how it tells the pump to go!


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            On further testing before I fully stripped down the whole machine for a rebuild, I unplugged all inputs from the gicar boxes so that all it could do essentially was the volumetric part of things. All it does its click a relay and the lights behind buttons flash. So from that it has ruled out any external problems. The customer doesn't use these buttons as he normally uses the manual switch. So the only requirement is the water auto fill.
            Does anyone know what voltage etc of the electrode circuit? I have toyed with the idea of buying a small basic giemme water level box for this side of the problem and then forget entirely about the volumetric.


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              try checking large capacitor near transormer on board.