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  • Azkoyen sPression Nuit

    I have 2 Azkoyen sPression Nuit machines in varying states of repair. Both fire up fine and all the controls work. I even have one of the little milk fridges that attaches to the machine.

    These are one of those self serve, fully automatic machines that you find in offices, hotels etc.

    I'm trying to determine if I'm going to try and pull them apart and sell the parts, to assist my 'buy a new machine' fund, or to try and make one completely working machine from two broken ones.

    In both all control panels and electronics are fully functional. One is missing the brewing unit. The other one was in storage and has had rodents nibble at the wiring.

    Has anyone got a diagram/repair manual for these machines?

    Let me know if they'd be better off being sold for parts.