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  • Which machine....

    Ok so I've been (no pun intended!) reading thread after thread, review after review and now even more confused!

    Yeah I know this is my first post and probably should have started with something simpler, however my current machine, Breville Barista is in need of
    replacement and I thought I'd throw it out there for comments/suggestions!

    I have a few criteria however:
    1) Machine + grinder combo under $4k
    2) Fast warm up time if possible can't wait for 30 min's or more.
    3) Internal tank + plumbable would be great.
    4) Drip tray with option to attach a drain hose.
    5) Cant be more than 45cm deep.

    I'm more of an espresso drinker so don't need to place emphasis on preparing milk based drinks or hot water for tea etc.
    I like the "Leva" type of machines due to their simplicity, but have read they're not easy to produce consistent results.

    Thanks in advance to any one offering to help out.

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    2) Most machines in these price range will heat up within 30mins, but if it were up to me, 45mins to be doubly sure.
    3) Most double boiler prosumer machines up to the LM GS3 have reservoir + plumbing options. Some of the lower end HXs don’t but since you’re asking in the pointy end section you are looking at HXs like the giotto technicka ii which have both at your disposal
    4) As with 3), if you there’s option to plumb, this is a given
    5) Don’t know the exact specs, but the Izzo Duetto III is known for its low clearance compared to its contemporaries.


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      If I had around $4k to spend, i would go for the Izzo Alex Duetto III, with a Macap M4D grinder. This combo would seem to tick all your boxes. Additionally, as with a number of the other dual boilers, you're able to shut off the steam boiler for when you only need to do espressos. Good luck - I'm very jealous!


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        Yep, good call Dave! I second your choices! . I think the Alex III is 430 mm deep. Exceptional build quality and performance.

        Can't go wrong with a Macap M4D

        Hi gf and welcome to CS!

        Not sure what you mean by 'Leva'. Do you mean 'leva' as in pre e61 design manual spring operated group, or 'leva' as in cam lever actuated e61?


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          Hi Godfather,


          If you are after a machine that has an internal tank and is plumbable, I think you may need to look for a machine that does not have a vibration pump. Most (if not all) machines within your price bracket with a rotary pump would meet this requirement.


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            Thanks for the comments so far, interestingly I had the Alex III or the R58 in mind, the ability to turn off the steam boiler is a plus although not entirely sure if this makes the brew boiler warm up time any quicker? Question for current owners I suppose.
            As far as the Leva type machine I was referring to, I had in mind the La Pavoni Romantica/Elektra Leva machines. I have absolutely no experience with these, however I just like the look of them and would think they might be more reliable given less parts etc?

            Grinders I was thinking of are Compak K3 Touch, Macap M2M or Vario or M4D if I can stretch the budget by pleasing the minister in charge of home affairs with flowers/perfume etc. etc!


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              Recently purchased an ECM Mechanika IV rotary pump model (Hx machine) and a Macap M5D (but had them swap the hopper for the smaller M4D one......which if I'm not mistaken is the only difference between the two models)
              1) The above combo was under $3700 delivered
              2) I can pour after 15-20mins if in a rush and flush the group head to speed things up, generally I'm happy to wait 30 minutes and all is fine
              3) has a 3L tank and plummable option too
              4) Good size drip tray but no option to attach a drain hose
              5) Machine itself is just under 450mm deep

              I now have a new appreciation for espresso's and find myself drinking less milk based drinks, overall very happy with the above combo.


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                I bought a R58 prior to christmas with the m4d. Blew your budget slightly but the combination is excellent, couldn't be happier and it was definitely worth getting into the double boiler market. In addition to not needing the flushes required of Hx machines, it's much easier for my partner to use as I don't need to explain the concepts as much. You can turn off the service boiler on the R58. The rotary motor in the R58 is quite a bit noiser than the Alex from what I've seen but the overall appearance of the machine was worth the trade off in my opinion. The machine seems to prioritise heating the brew boiler first. The only thing I'd say is that while it is possible to make an OK coffee in about 15 minutes, the machine definitely benefits from being properly heated up so I use a timer plug. My timer of choice is WEMO - totally programmable WIFI device that can accessed even when you are not at home if you want to turn your machine on in advance. Coffee machine is always perfectly up to temperature when I get up.


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                  Originally posted by slipstream View Post
                  I bought a R58 prior to christmas with the m4d. Blew your budget slightly
                  Welcome to coffeesnobs, slipstream, and congrats on the brilliant setup you've got but that combination is nearly $5000. More than slightly over.


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                    Yep. More than slightly over. In retrospect I am not totally totally sure that I needed a $1k grinder but I was taken by the moment. Probably if I was to do it again I'd stick with the R58 which feels basically perfect in every way for me right down to the detachable PID (which I do use more than I thought I would) and pull back a bit on the grinder in terms of expense.


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                      Do not regret getting a macap m4d grinder. In a years time you'll have forgotten about its cost and enjoyed its consistency and elegance. I would buy another m4d in a heartbeat. It is perfect match for your r58.


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                        Yes, the R58 is a wonderful machine especially when paired with a decent grinder.


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                          As for warm up time, my Duetto II is regularly called on to supply my coffee craving within 15 minutes of switching it on, with little difference in the cup. I know it's not ideal but if you're in a hurry it won't let you down. As for the Macap M4D, that's what I have and I second everyone's reports; it's fast, consistent and built like a tank.


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                            Just what our army needs. Tanks that can produce great coffee.



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                              A big thank you to all for taking the time to write your thoughts down. I think I may have narrowed it down to the R58 or Profitec pro 700 and K3 touch. Just need to wait a month or so until I get some more funding as its going to blow the budget....!