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Faema 1972 prestige

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  • Faema 1972 prestige

    Just bought a 1972faema prestige, I was told it was working and looks in good condition. I am after 2x things:
    1) the manual ?
    2) the best place to get spare part?

    How ow much would this machine be worth when up and running in good condition?

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    Welcome to CS.

    realistically, you would have buckley's of getting an owner booklet. I had a small number but think I remember turfing them a little while back. There really isn't anything in there of use from a service point of view ie it is not a "service manual" it is an "owner booklet". It would cover how to connect to the services on first install, may have covered how to depurate the (at the time) supplied water softener, and not too much else.

    For spares, try the various on line spare parts dealers, when you want something and are therefore hunting for a specific part. In terms of something common such as the under cup washer (aka group seal) and showers, shouldn't be a problem.

    Again realistically, sorry but the machine is worth nothing certainly from a commercial point of view ( ie cafe use). For private use, it is worth whatever mutually acceptable figure you and a buyer agree to.

    After that, it was a "state of the art" (for the time) commercial espresso machine, capable of super espresso even by today's standards, if the barista knows what he's (she's) doing. At the time,. Faema was a quality name if not THE name in commercial espresso machines.

    Keeping it running well will be up to your mechanical expertise more than anything much else, because it predates modern electro mechanical design. Especially if it is an "auto stop" model with cup level wheels.

    Hope that helps.


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      Posting few pictures would help.


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