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    CS - needing some help here please -

    Thinking of acquiring this 5 yr old machine moderate use, however some flaking on the steel powder coated chassis..

    can the steel chassis be separated from the rest of the machine easily for a touch up paint repair?

    Also some of the wiring looks a little dry and brittle - can it be replaced?

    i think a little polish and close to new machine-
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    Thanks for the PM advice.. Been able to rewrite most of the machine with newer cables.

    however my biggest problem is still my inability to lift the black frame off the machine.

    The only point of fixation left appears to be the legs inserted threaded studs.

    Are these able to be tapped out or are they loctited?

    I'm baffled would love some advise please.

    I'll post pics when finally finished in 2-3 weeks if I can get this frame off!

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