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    Hello folks, excuse my first post being a question but this forum seems a friendly place (I've been trying to solve this query by searching old posts).

    I bought an old Junior D which is plumbed into our kitchen water system. Everything appears to work as advertised but the boiler pressure is far too high (>2.5 Bar) and won't drop by reducing the pressure stat spring pressure. if I try to pull a shot the measure is pulled in less than 10seconds and has little taste.

    Any clues?

    Many thanks. Chris

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    I have a old Cimbali Junior but it's a S1 (pour over).

    (i) 2.5 bar is indeed far too high. Sounds like pressurestat is not working or is sticky, and is expected from an old machine that wasn't used/maintained for a long while. I would advise you not to run it until the problem is solved. The boiler is not rated at that high of a pressure and exploding/leaking boiler is the last thing you want.

    (ii) Did the overpressure valve start hissing at/above 1.8 bar? It should. If not I would be alarmed and look into replacing that as well. It's the brass bit with a pull spring once you open up the hood.

    (iii) If the boiler is reading 2.5 bar the moment it's plumbed in (meaning without heating up) then one of the one-way-valve is probably stuck open.

    (iv) If you're lucky, it's probably just the pressure gauge malfunctioning for being so old. In that case just the pressure gauge replacement is needed.

    From the symptoms, I will expect a good thorough descaling (at the VERY minimum) before putting it on service. I understand the excitement of getting a new machine running, but a little patience will go a long way in this case. Or you may kick youself for doing otherwise. :P


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      Hi Chris, remove the P-stat, disassemble, clean out scale, check rubber diaphragm, reassemble, little bit of graphite powder on hinge and shaft of p-stat, should be good as new!

      If that doesn't work check the contacts on the p-stat switch are still good.


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        Thanks to you both for taking the time to reply. I'll strip and clean the p-stat and re-test it and fully descale it again.