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Replacement for ECM Veneziano A1

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  • Replacement for ECM Veneziano A1

    Hi guys, long time since I've been around here. I'll make my long story short-
    I have an ECM Veneziano A1 which was recently damaged by removalists. We were insured, so will be raising a claim with the insurer.
    However, ECM are no longer around, and while I reckon there would be repair parts available somewhere in the world or in the depths of ebay, the insurer will be looking for an assessment and quote which will be hard to provide.
    So my question is, what is the current equivalent of my machine? Obviously it was a high end single group machine...

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    Hi Cameron,

    So sorry to hear your A1 was damaged. They are a beautiful machine and my departed S1 is still one of my all time faves.

    A direct replacement would be a toughie these days as there are not too many large boiler rotary pump volumetric equivalents which have a tank as well. The only one which initially comes to mind is the Iberital Handi- bit it's nowhere near as good looking as the ECM.

    If you are prepared to forgo volumetrics, there are plenty of options in HX and dual boiler which will do the job beautifully.

    What damage did the machine sustain? Parts shouldn't be a major problem, but I'd suspect that panel and chassis repair would require a specialist restoration. There are certainly businesses which can bring your machine back to life if the damage is not terminal. Site sponsors The Coffee Man (George) and Coffee Machininst (Rick) come to mind. There is a good chance that you will find that the original importer- now known as Espresso Company Australia will be able to assist with some parts as the lineage of Rocket espresso began with ECM. We would of course be delighted to assist should you ultimately require a replacement machine.

    Good luck with whatever comes next in machine and I hope you enjoy the new abode.
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      Thanks for your reply. I have already contacted Espresso Company Australia, and they have checked the parts schedule and the panels required are not available. Certainly a suitably qualified sheet metal person will be able to restore, and is something I would entertain. Again, a case of getting quotes to satisfy insurance. It's certainly not terminal damage to both side panels, but it is unacceptable. I'll follow up with the site sponsors mentioned, thanks.


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        In answer to your original question there is an excellent ECM volumetric single group high end machine available,
        an ECM Elektronika 11, with similar attributes to yours. These are available from site sponsors.