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Correct size tamper for San Remo Verona SED

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  • Correct size tamper for San Remo Verona SED

    We have recently got a Sanremo Verona SED in our shop but we have our old 58mm Mota bargain tamper left over. Sadly it doesn't fit the portafilter, it leaves quite a bit of space.

    I remember reading when I was buying a Mota for my home espresso machine that it is in fact less that 58mm. Either way, it doesn't fit exactly and we have to do the dreaded tapping of the side of the portafilter.

    Does anyone have a Verona or other Sanremo machine that has found the perfect fitting tamper? It's annoying not being able to use the ones I see online before I purchase.

    Any help would be much appreciated.