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La Cimbali Junior D Autofill problem.

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  • La Cimbali Junior D Autofill problem.

    Hi was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out with an autofill issue with my La Cimbali Junior D.

    This is a plumbed in model with the rotary switches for doses, dosing tank, autofill sensor at top of tank and all relay based electronics.

    Have done a fair amount of searching on the net so far and none of the information I have found has led me to a solution. My problem began after moving house and reinstalling my machine. Until this point everything was fine. We were living rurally and my machine was rainwater fed and I didn't have a filter installed. On moving to town I reinstalled the machine, placing an everpure filter in the feed line.

    On first operating the machine the boiler and heat exchange filled fine. However, with drawing water from the boiler it did not refill. Initially if I shut the machine off and restarted from a cold state it would refill appropriately but now it is not consistently doing this.

    Filling of the dosing tank and heat exchange circuit is unaffected.

    I have removed and cleaned the autofill sensor - only slight blackening on tip.
    I replaced the fill solenoid (the old coil felt really hot despite no filling occurring).
    I have taken apart and cleaned the one way valve.
    I have checked and cleaned the electrical connections right back to the Gicar box - everything in the eletronics box looks clean with no signs of water intrusion.
    The anti-vac valve is working well and I have removed and checked all lines from the boiler to and from the sight glass.

    My feeling is that something mechanical rather than electrical is the problem given the intermittent nature of the problem and the fact that everything was normal before moving the machine but I'm stuck with trying to figure it out and don't want to randomly replace expensive parts.

    Any help with solving this problem would be much appreciated - lack of consistent coffee is compounding the stress of moving!

    Thanks in advance. Tim.

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    Hi Tim,

    It really looks like you've checked all the basic things. Replacing the valve, checking the probe, all those are things I would have done and recommended.

    Have you tried to manually unplug the probe, and see if that causes filling to take place? If not, perhaps the probe wire is earthed somewhere? Otherwise you can check output from the controller and verify if the voltage reaches the valve?

    I've got the same machine, although I only got it a few days ago and it's not fully plumbed in yet.... Let me know if I can check something.

    Hope that helps!